The most beautiful world football shields

The most beautiful world football shields
The Brazilian shield Vasco Gama, one of the most beautiful in the world (

Recently conducted list the most beautiful Spanish football shields (our point of view is clear). Today we have prepared the list the most beautiful world football shields. Obviously there are many precious that could not be added to do the endless article.

To carry out this selection we have taken into account the opinion of our readers and followers in our social networks both in our account Twittter @futbolretroes as in our official facebook page.

Thus, in our view, the shield Vasco de Gama Brazilian our prize the most beautiful in the world. We hope you like our selection, Of course, You can leave your comments at the end of the article and if necessary we can make changes.

3 thoughts on “The most beautiful world football shields

  1. I love this site because of the type of articles that you publish, written and written with an entertaining and simple, very accessible to any reader. But nevertheless, sometimes it is missing a little more carefully as with this article: very short -only ten crowns- totally subjective and taking into account the huge number of football clubs exist all over the world. These items would be much better as an act of participation in a forum, as this is giving rise to discontent of some fans: Why Celtic and not that of the Rangers? or why the Boca Juniors and River Plate no? The Brazilian league has beautiful shields, and the Argentina, Scottish, Russian, English, Italian…

    They exist on the network several lists published by sports media in which they appear some as: Aberdeen, witches, Palermo. As usual, the beauty (in this case a shield football) It's very subjective.

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