The fall of the goal at the Bernabeu

The fall of the goal at the Bernabeu
Real Madrid operatives rush to change goal (Photo:

In 1998 Real Madrid achieved the seventh European Cup in its history after 42 years of having the above in 1966. It was the famous goal of Pedja Mijatovic at Amsterdam Arena against Juventus by Zinedine Zidane that unleashed madness in a whole generation of Madrid fans who had not seen a help to your team. But nevertheless, this title was in serious danger and not for something sporty but for the fall of a goal at the Bernabeu in the semifinals of that Champions.

The Real Madrid received the Borussia Dortmund in the first leg of the semifinal of that European Cup in the Santiago Bernabéu State a 1 April 1998. The environment, as usual, especially in this type of meeting, it was spectacular. Although it may seem like a very short time ago, more than 20 years and, by then, fences still existed in stadiums and it was customary for the most radical supporters to climb them. Something unthinkable today.

Precisely this triggered the problem. When players from both teams had just jumped onto the field of play, Some Real Madrid ultras they got on the net that separated the stands from the pitch and it gave way, making them fall backwards, taking away the goal from the south end of the merengue stadium. From there, a wealth of anecdotes and stories not to sleep.


The goal should be changed, logically, but to everyone's surprise there was not a spare in the stadium so Agustín Herrerín, who was the team delegate back then, quickly went to the Sport City white to try to bring a new. The referee of the meeting, The dutch Van den Eynde, he had the holy patience to wait 75 minutes until the new goal appeared and the game could be played.

finally, Madrid that match won by 2-0 and qualified for the famous final after a draw in Germany. UEFA sanctioned the club with a stadium closing match and 115 million pesetas.

Since then, it is compulsory to have spare goals in the stadiums, but that day 'The seventh’ he was in serious danger if the referee and UEFA had given up the game by Real Madrid. The famous fall of the Bernabéu goal that made history.

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