Santiago Bernabeu and his incredible betrayal of Real Madrid

Santiago Bernabeu and his incredible betrayal of Real Madrid
Santiago Bernabéu observed Chamartin, The stadium bearing his name (Real Madrid)

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“My father is more than madridista Santiago Bernabeu“. This phrase is used often when you want to highlight the madridismo of a particular person and leaves perfectly clear who was the president most successful in the history of the Real Madrid.

effectively, few people questioned the great madridismo of this illustrious personage who was instrumental in the history not only of the Real Madrid but of Spanish football since it was one of the major drivers of this sport in our country.

Bernabéu was footballer, trainer and white club president. He reached the very young White House to join youth and excelled as a great goalscorer which helped him to debut in the first team already in 1912 when he was just 16 year old.

The striker had a great career as a player merengue until 1927, but nevertheless, There is a stain on his resume that very few people know and can be considered a great betrayal of what would be his beloved team.


It happened in the season 1920-1921. In that campaign, Santiago Bernabeu Madrid abandoned the discipline for work but curiously did not abandon the sport or football. Friendship that linked him with Julian Ruete, former Real Madrid player and president of the Athletic Club Branch Madrid (Current Atletico Madrid) he did so ephemeral dress shirt rojiblanca eternal rival.

A) Yes, The former colleague in the Real Madrid and future architect of the stadium Chamartín, José María Castell, He stated the following: “Although what is going to say something strong, because I'd had a great appreciation, Santiago Bernabeu betrayed us 1920 and he went to the eternal rival. One year later, when I repented returned to the Madrid, he had lost his old partner and had to get in line. If I remember correctly, Santiago played an official match with Athletic Club Madrid against the Spanish in Madrid, besides posing with red and white shirt with Julian Ruete, who for years he had been player of the Madrid and at that time was the president of Atletico.” (wikipedia).


Nonetheless, Santiago Bernabeu would become the most emblematic leader of the Real Madrid remaining 35 seasons to the front of the club and getting under his rule 16 Suspenders, 6 Cups of Spain 6 European Cups.

Of course, It was the great architect of the construction of the stadium Chamartín, which subsequently acquire its name until today, and the creation of the basketball section also won numerous successes and titles under its mandate.

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