Luis Aragones's talk prior to the final of the Cup Winners' Cup 1986

Luis Aragones's talk prior to the final of the Cup Winners' Cup 1986
Dynamo Kiev were much better than Atlético in that final played in Lyon (

Luis Aragones is a legend of Spanish football in general and of Atletico Madrid in particular. The former player and coach of the mattress club was always characterized by being very frank and direct when addressing his players and the press.

Specials were always his motivational talks and speeches before an important game and before the final of the Recopa de 1986 It was no exception.

The Athletic had reached that final after surpassing the Celtic de Glasgow, Bangor City, Red Star Y Uerdingen. further, along the way he had managed to proclaim himself champion of the Spanish Super Cup in the final with a double match against FC Barcelona so that morale was high in the rojiblanco box.

But nevertheless, the rival they had to face was the dreaded Dynamo Kiev who in that edition had devastated all his rivals to stand in the final. The Soviets had a batch of footballers who formed the backbone of the national team. the USSR at that time with prominent names like Blokhin, Belanov, Demyanenko O Zavarov.

Recopa End
Zavarov thus marked the 1-0 after five minutes of the game (La gradona)


As he comments in an interview with the newspaper The world The Fillol Duck, Argentine goalkeeper who had proclaimed himself World champion with his selection in 1978 and that he would be in charge of defending the red and white goal in that final played in Lyon, the coach gave them a great 'talk’ that went beyond football and took a perfect X-ray of the rival they were going to have in front of. But nevertheless, the most striking thing happened in pregame training.

Luis Aragones, alongside a few athletic players, they saw their rival work in the stands of the Gerland stadium that afternoon and they already realized that it was going to be very complicated. As you comment Fillol: “We saw the end of the session and hallucinated. They made diagonals of 80 meters and millimeter passes at full speed. An unthinkable training before a final”.

Meanwhile, Quique Setién, one of the most important players in the Athletic in that edition of the Recopa, count the words of Aragonese: “Let's go and don't tell the rest what you have seen”.

finally, Dynamo Kiev got a clear victory for 3-0 showing himself far superior to his rival from the start (in fact he went ahead with a goal from Zavarov to the 5 minutes of play). The Athletic He had his options but was overcome by that team that was undoubtedly deserving of the title and that ended up sentencing the crash in the second half, taking advantage of the fact that the colchoneros had to look for a tie leaving spaces in defense.


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