The origin of the expression “You have more moral than the Alcoyano”

The origin of the expression “You have more moral than the Alcoyano”
Real Madrid-Alcoyano played in 1947 which he ended in a draw two (Photo: ABC)

Go ahead that there is no confirmed release to 100% by the club. The expression “You have more moral than the Alcoyano” It has been extended over the years not only among football fans but among anyone becoming very popular.

As we say, there are several versions of the origin of this expression and none of them confirmed or seem likely to become pregnant. The CD Alcoyano He has always maintained that the phrase does not refer to a particular party but it is the recognition of the fighting spirit and never give up that has characterized his players, technical and hobby.

But nevertheless, there are several parties that could have fed this fact. One of them was played in 1944 between Español and the Alcoyano. The winner of the match would play in the First Division next season.

Parakeet set expired by 7-1 the Alcoy and it is said that the referee, to prevent further bleeding, He decreed the end to a minute from the end of the game. Visiting players, who noticed this fact, vehemently they protested the decision showing that it still believed in the comeback.

Others say it was in a previous match in Third Division, in which Alcoyano lost by 13-0 Espanyol players and encouraged each other to try to achieve at least a draw.


Alcoy team experienced its heyday in the years 40 when he reached military for four seasons in the Spanish Primera Division football being the 1947-1948 his best season.

That course the white team managed a creditable tenth position which gave permanence staying ahead Real Madrid suffered to avoid relegation. In fact, all Alicante won 9 matches, all home, and teams like himself Real Madrid one he Athletic They succumbed to The Collao’.

In any case, although it is unclear the origin of the expression, what it remains clear, is that this team never gives up and will try to return to the top of Spanish football because, of course, a moral will not win anyone.


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