The football trading cards harder to get when we were kids

The football trading cards harder to get when we were kids
Atila Trotter, Footballer of the CD Logrones, one of the most legendary cromos the years 90 (HOME)

Children football fans saw marked our childhood some things can never forget. The PC Football, Magazine Don Balon, parties with friends on the street and, Of course, the football trading cards.

Today we review (very personal) the memories of those mythical collections that passionate us (and continue to fascinate) and those adventures we had to run to get the most difficult to get trading cards.

At that time, like today, there were several ways to go completing a collection. The 'easy’ It was to go to the kiosk to buy those envelopes that often included 6 cromos inside the price 25 pesetas the late 80 and early 90.

But nevertheless, We did not always have access to the money needed to go to grow the 'taco’ trading cards as much to our parents mendigáramos, grandparents, uncles… the tap used to cut.

Thus began the exchange with classmates or friends on the street. One went slowly realizing those trading cards coming out more and going out less so about the value was much higher than others when making changes.


Dútbol the most difficult trading cards
Freddy Rincon's signing for Real Madrid this season 1995-1996 He created a great expectation. On chrome, one of the most difficult to get (HOME)

It changes you have the 'reps'!” They used to advise our parents in an effort that we were not ripped off by some clever. Of course, There was also the possibility of getting new trading cards betting both card games or challenging an adversary 'trousers’ or 'T'.

In my memory and personal experience there are several particularly difficult trading cards that cost me enough to get to complete collections. As many of you remember, in the years 90 there were no software today and 'experiments’ and bungling Chrome to launch a signing newcomer was stunned as you can see in this other article.

The collections had normal trading cards, signings, place them, the transfer 'bis’ (these tended to be more complicated and fairly traded). further, there were several trading cards of one player newcomer, The 'call’ and authentic and a good collector wanted to have both.


Atila Trotter
Chromium 'call’ of Atila Kasaš. A player who is best known for his game chromium (This editions)


chrome Fish
The Peixe Portuguese was one of the signings of the season Sevilla 1995-1996. Its chrome had two versions, the image was very difficult to get. Currently they are usually paid amounts up to 400 € for it (HOME)

Through this article we invite you to cooperate with us to develop a list of the most difficult trading cards of our childhood.

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  1. regards, The stickers are a piece of our childhood and for all the children and adults who collect it is an incredible joy to finish a collection. I buy in to finish my collections and that of my children. It is worth keeping them in perfect condition in case one of them is listed at a good price in the future.
    Messi, Mbappe, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are the most sought after normally.

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