The clubs with the most titles in history

The clubs with the most titles in history
The most prestigious degree awarded by the Scottish club, the European Cup 1967 (Daily Record)

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When we think clubs with more titles from the world we come to mind the Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus and company. But nevertheless, none of them has achieved the hundred titles (although some approaches), which they have only achieved 5 clubs throughout history.


European champions Celtic
The most prestigious degree awarded by the Scottish club, the European Cup 1967 (Daily Record)

The Scottish club is one of those in this group select. The Celtic has achieved 109 Titles throughout its history of which 108 They are national (50 Suspenders, 39 cups and 19 League Cups) and an international (European Cup season 1966-1967). His best time was lived between 1965 Y 1974 in which he got 9 league titles and the European Cup cited.

PEÑAROL (132 Titles)

Libertadores champion Penarol
The Uruguayan team clinched his fourth Copa Libertadores 1982 (Photo: Peñarol)

The Uruguayan club is one of the most successful of the planet. 132 titles rest on their windows and, In contrast to the Celtic, yes that has been accumulating international success 3 Intercontinental Cups, 5 Copas Libertadores and 1 Intercontinental Champions' Supercup. further, nationally it has achieved 123 Titles.

NATIONAL CLUB (138 Titles)

Clubs with more titles
National players celebrate obtained in Copa Libertadores 1980 (Photo: National)

Rival of Peñarol, National Club Uruguay has achieved 138 Titles. In their windows 129 national titles and 9 international, among them 3 Intercontinental Cups and 3 Copa Libertadores.


Clubs with more titles
Glasgow Rangers celebrating the Cup Winners' Cup 1972 (Photo: European soccer teams)

We lacked the other derby. In this case, Glasgow. The Rangers titles exceeds its maximum rival, the Celtic. 54 Suspenders, 33 cups and 27 League Cups nationwide. Internationally, he has only achieved a title, Recopa it's from the season 1971-1972, a title less important than the European Cup neighbor.

The club had to be refounded and start from the lower ranks of Scottish football and now has achieved again Premier League Scottish to face his main rival who has taken in recent years to dominate the football in his country.

AL-AHLY (136 Titles)

Clubs with more titles
El Al-Ahly, the most successful club in the world (Photo:

Surprising everyone who sneaks into this list Al-Ahly Of Egipt. The African side is the real ruler of his country 41 Suspenders, 36 cups and 11 Supercopas Egypt (to which must be added 16 regional titles) but it has also managed 24 international titles to highlight their 8 Champions League africanas making it the team to beat.



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