The best matches in World Cup history

The best matches in World Cup history
What are the best matches in World Cup history? PHOTO:

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There is nothing left for the big event that all football lovers are waiting for to start. The next 20 of November, will start the Qatar World Cup 2022 and with it one of the greatest sporting events on the planet will also return.

There are many incentives that encourage you not to miss this appointment. Who will be the successor of France and will occupy the football throne in the next 4 years? Will Cristiano and Messi be able to win the only great title that they lack in their showcases?? Which game will be the most outstanding of all?

Precisely, talking about big games, In this article we have proposed, review which have been those World Cup duels that have made history.

The best matches in World Cup history

Mexico 1970: Italy 4-3 Germany

Football, in the end, It is a sport that promises spectacle. And that show happens when the goals appear in large doses, adding an extra value if said appearance is in citations of weight.

Precisely, all these characteristics came together around the Italy-Germany match in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Mexico 1970.

That game ended with 1-1 regulation time, then unleashing a fast-paced and anthological extension that fell on the Italian side for a definitive 4-3. The goal that sentenced the azzurro victory was by Gianni Rivera, in the minute 111.

Many nicknamed this duel as 'The match of the century’.

Mexico 1986: Maradona beats England

With the military conflict in Las Malvinas in full swing, football wanted Argentina and England to face each other in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Mexico 1986. This match was undoubtedly going to be very special for an Argentine team that saw how Diego Armando Maradona dressed as a hero.

The so famous 'hand of God' and the great goal of the '10' albiceleste eliminating rivals from the middle of the field, They are the two works of art that Maradona took out of his hat to eliminate the English for 2-1.

Russia 2018: France 4-3 Argentina

If we move to the most recent time, surely the match between France and Argentina of the round of 16 of the World Cup in Russia 2018 be the most beautiful in memory.

Despite the Argentine attempt to bring down the Gauls, It was the Europeans who ended up tipping the scales in their favor with a tight and exciting 4-3. That day, Mbappé showed himself to be a true crack signing a decisive double.

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