World Mexico 1970: Italy-West Germany, the party of the century

World Mexico 1970: Italy-West Germany, the party of the century
Germany and Italy played the most exciting match in World Cup history in 1970 (Pinterest)

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The Mexico '70 World It was for many the great change in the world of football. The color images, which had, possibly, with the best selection of history (Brazil) but also, which he hosted one of the best matches in the history of this competition dubbed "the party of the century '.

The 17 June gathered in the Aztec stadium selections Italy Y Federal Germany more than 100.000 spectators in the stands. Were the semifinals of the World Cup so the winner would have the option to become champion.

The party of the century: El catenaccio vs la máquina italiana

The Italians came to crash after curdling a group stage where they had achieved first place scoring only one goal (victory 1-0 against Sweden). yes, in the first three games they will not fit (0-0 to Uruguay and again goalless draw against Israel). The catenaccio It was the style of play the team led by Ferrucio Valcareggi.

But nevertheless, Italy It was uncovered in the quarterfinals by beating a strong 4-1 host, Mexico, with two goals Riva, one of Rivera and other Guzman own goal. Mexicans managed to take the lead but the selection azurra turned it into the second part.

Meanwhile, the Germans had already had a match with a lot of wear in the quarterfinals against England having to resort to the extension. The English were ahead on the scoreboard with two goals Mullery Y Peters. Beckenbauer Y Seeler with two goals forced overtime. Finally, Federal Germany He got a favorable result 3-2 thanks to goal Gerd Müller.

Much more convincing was the German combined in the group stage where he earned three wins in three games against Morocco (2-1), Bulgaria (5-2) Y Peru (3-1). Now, in the semifinals, swords were all out with a team that subjected his rivals like a machine based push against another who defended with many players and was able to make the most of their goals.

The game started in the best way for Italy which claimed the lead to 8 minutes of play thanks to a goal Boninsegna. From there, Italians retreated and defended the result while the Germans sought the equalizer throughout the game, something not achieved up to the minute 90 thanks to goal Schnellinger.

La prórroga más emocionante de la historia

Once again, German machine that never gives achieved its goal. This is where the legs of each other despite beginning. The Italian effort to hold the 1-0 and blow receiving the equalizer in the last minute he was immediately noticed an extension of madness that had, no more no less, what 5 goals. Something never seen in the history of the world. While, news came from Guadalajara, Brazil He had defeated 3-1 a Uruguay and the final expected rival.

Germany marked the 2-1 by mediation Müller to the 4 minutes to start overtime. Italy seemed to accuse the psychic blow and at times seemed out of the game but Burgnich in 98′ Y Riva at 104′ They returned to put the Italians ahead. With 3-2 for selection azurra it came to exchange field.

With all the changes made, the German Beckenbauer He dislocated his shoulder so I had to keep playing with a bulky bandage. His image came to the story adding this epic match of the century. Again the German siege on the goal of a remarkable Albertosi He was rewarded in 110′ by mediation, as, of Gerd Müller which again put the tables on the scoreboard (3-3).

Beckenbauer's shoulder
Beckenbauer dislocated shoulder was no impediment to continue playing the player what remained of meeting (Brand)

They are missing 10 minutes left and the players were totally exhausted. Height Mexico City (2.000 meters), accumulated by both teams tired and the minute that we were made to think that the pass should be resolved in the penalty shootout. But it was not like that.

Italy straight out of midfield after draw Müller, a gallop on the left wing of Boninsegna He ended in a center that finished off the bottom of the totally free network brand Rivera. Thus, Italians were the 4-3 that would be final in a crazy game that made history of football forever.

The party of the century
commemorative plate at the Estadio Azteca (Wikipedia)

Unfortunately for the Italians, energy and effort spent on this match happened in the final bill where Brazil's Pele and company had no mercy on his rival that he endorsed a strong 4-1 clinching a new world champion title.

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