Best 11 CD historic Malaga and Malaga CF (according FUTBOLRETRO.ES)

Best 11 CD historic Malaga and Malaga CF (according FUTBOLRETRO.ES)
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There are several considerations that I thought it appropriate to consider before tackling the development of better 11 history of CD Málaga Y Málaga CF, and I will try to expose and argue them in detail.

First, the difficulty of a company of this kind is objectively huge. Recall that the CD Málaga He competed along 51 seasons, and the Málaga CF just started the 26th. We're talking about a time period spanning therefore more than three quarters of a century, and along it, Football has changed a lot in both its regulatory and context in their technical and tactical.

Without going further, in the campaign 1941-1942, the first object of this study, they played only two defenses, three half and five forwards, and today the trend is completely reversed: three or four defenders, a midfield much more populated and a front in which rarely sees more than one member. All this affects a lot when assessing the performance of a player in order to include it in a selection, because surely the functions and possibilities of scoring goals were not the same for Bazan that Dely Valdes (I mention two that had to be estimated).

Best Malaga CF
Best 11 Malaga Historic according FUTBOLRETRO.ES (LINEUP11)

As seen, I opted to have the players chosen in a relatively flexible system, also given the versatility that some of them showed on the field throughout their careers, and in principle it would be a 4-3-3, with the proviso that Doubt It is included as a left back and was not where he played most of his over 300 malaguista games.

On the other hand, I must admit that the choice of some players has been very subjective, and surely not be shared by other malaguistas who have knowledge of history CD Málaga and Málaga CF, even though my argument about decisions. The difficulty is high because the end, seventy-odd seasons, I could only see the last thirty games, approximately, and that makes the time to think about players, decant the balance is to include a majority of the latter period. It is also true that it has been in that have lived the most important sporting achievements of this city, but it seemed unfair to ignore certain figures in the decades of 40 to the 80 last century achieved important feats with the shirt of Málaga.

Thus, I have tried to act with a sense of compensation, and I have tried in this eleven players in one way or another symbolize the most outstanding historical stages appear. Which I believe would be the first ascent to First (1948-1949); the five gold (1970-1975, the first time CD Málaga competed five straight seasons in First); the double rise late nineties to Second and First (1997-1999); la Intertoto and UEFA (2002-2003) and the Champions League (2012-2013). And even though three of these periods correspond to Málaga CF and two to CD Málaga, there were not many more players with the last name with the first (the end is five-six CD Málaga Málaga CF).

Players who act as representative of each of the above stages are:


One of the great architects of the first ascent, and brutal scorer in the CD Málaga, with which scored more than 130 goals in eight seasons, nine of them in one game, a brand that no one has yet managed to match.


basic pillar of five gold and all the seventies, He dressed as the blue and white over thirteen campaigns, more than 400 games behind.


Present on the field in the two ascents of the late nineties (and the previous, Third to Second B), and he contributed to promotion to a goal in the decisive match, despite being defense.

Dely Valdes

With ten goals is the top scorer in European competitions Málaga, with so many who opted most of qualifying for the UEFA Cup only disputed by the entity.


Perhaps the most dominating and brilliant player on the field in the dispute of the only Champions League, Amen starting as a starter every game of the group stage and knockout.

Taking it clear, for the reasons stated, these five players, the remaining six have tried to be deducted, except some cases, based on objective merit, which however it is again very difficult to assess, because football does not stop being a team sport. However, justifications about could be:


There have probably been later goalkeepers with more weight in the history of Málaga CF, but the truth is that he remained in the CD Malaga for twelve campaigns, ten of which cover the entire decade of the full sixty, and it was very important in two of the four promotions that took place along the same, It is a key representative of this cycle.

Doubt Y Jesus Gamez

Because they are the two players with more games in the history of Málaga CF (the first of them, spent fourteen seasons, also surpasses all records including CD Málaga), and because they have large presence in the brightest period thereof, especially the second one, performing regularly in almost all meetings and being undisputed.


Because I have not found a single malaguista who lived the five golden wonders me not to speak of him in every way, simply.


Because if it is true that its best sports pages did not write on the CD Málaga, He contributed decisively to the final ascent to First of that club and the permanence of the season later.


Which I confess has been the most I've weighed the possibility of discarding. First, because the defense is composed entirely of players from Málaga CF, and that is perhaps the aspect of this study that have been less subject. I have arranged a strong candidate in the defense of CD Malaga maybe also you deserve to be here (as many others deserve, from different eras, undoubtedly), but I guess at the end, inevitably, He has outweighed the fact of having experienced firsthand the exploits of Roteta, his inexplicable goal in the Intertoto, I see him lifting the trophy (at the end, It is the only official who has achieved Málaga CF) and I know him personally and know that he is a great person off the field.

Definitely, Here is my selection and my explanations. I did not want to name any player I've seen include that in the end I discarded, to not give more complexity to this company or further extension to this explanatory text.

Paco Alba

Malaguista with concerns about the history of the most representative clubs from my city. Website administrator Author of 'Silver Rise' published in 2003. You can follow me on @FranciscoAAlba

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