Mario Americo, the man who was in seven World

Mario Americo, the man who was in seven World
Mario Americo, in a match between Brazil and Zaire (

Mario Americo It was an institution of Brazil. Masseuse "canarinha" between 1950 Y 1974, and which his team won three titles of champion of the world. Era, also, a character within the sporting picturesque landscape of the country. Brazilian players nicknamed him first as the "Sorcerer" for its ability to recover the hassles of footballers, but he was known as "the palomo messenger" by the press and ordinary public, it also, while giving her massages, transmitting the orders and directives of the coach on duty.

Skin 1958
Mario Americo trying to Pele (scoring Soccer)

His bald head and his broad smile suddenly a hole made in the press of the country, transcending the sport. Considered the best Brazilian masseuse time, the Botafogo He wanted to sign him offering exactly twice what the Brazilian Football Federation She paid him to develop his work in the selection. He refused because the F.F.B. He offered compatible charge of the national team masseur with an official position, forever, in public administration of the state of Sao Paulo.

I made friends with all the greats of the era, with alternating at parties, the he controlled so they do not make excesses which damaged after his sports facet, and those who shared photos and magazine covers in sports and "society" of the time: Skin, Vava Y Garrincha they became inseparable from the "palomo messenger" selection.

He was present at seven world, made unique in the history of football and was protagonist of many anecdotes, like the "theft" of the ball of the final World Sweden 1958. The president of the Brazilian federation ordered him to, if he won, it was done with the ball to preserve memory. As the French Guigue referee signaled the end of the meeting (with Brazilian win 2 a 5 against the Swedish hosts), Mario Americo He left the bench and took over running the ball, He is chased by French referee unsuccessful. Brazilian masseuse got into the tunnel at full speed and the ball was held by the F.F.B.

Mario Americo and Pele
Mario Americo alongside Pele in the World 1962 (Emirates 24/7)

After his retirement his popularity was such, I was tempted by the world of politics, becoming a candidate for the party Brazilian Democratic Movement and was elected councilor for Sao Paolo in municipal elections 1976.

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