Garrincha, the best dribbler of all time

Garrincha, the best dribbler of all time
Garrincha expected with some colleagues to receive the championship trophy of the World Cup in Sweden 1958 (Getty Images)

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The story of Manuel Francisco dos Santos, known as Garrincha, the screenplay for a.

Football player, Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1933, It is considered by many as the best dribbler of all time. But nevertheless, Garrincha did not have it easy since he was born with various physical impairments. In fact, his brothers got that nickname since it is the name given to a bird of the Brazilian rainforest which is pretty ugly and awkward but in turn very fast.

Future star Botafogo and of the Brazilian team He was born with one leg (the right) 6 centimeters shorter than the other. He was also zambo, that is to say, his feet were turned inward about 80 degrees. And if that was not enough, He had a crooked spine and suffered polio, a disease affecting the nervous system mainly.

To all this we can add that Garrincha He was addicted to snuff from virtually 10 years and that several psychologists diagnosed a mental deficiency, which it made it unlikely that he knew function in a collective game like football.

With that scenario, hardly anyone would have predicted such a successful career in football. Not even he would reach professional.


But nevertheless, Garrincha He became one of the great stilettos Brazil team that won two consecutive world in 1958 Y 1962 (Sweden and Chile respectively). He was part of that generation formed by players teats, Vava, Mario 'Lobo’ Zagallo and of course Pele.

Precisely 'King‘, considered the best footballer of all time for many, always she said that I never could have won three world if it had not been for Garrincha, named the best player in the World 1962.

Pele Garrincha
Pele and Garrincha, idols of Santos and Botafogo respectively, They were instrumental in the Brazil team that won two World Cups in a row (4-4-2)

Some of his most amusing anecdotes occurred precisely at that World 1958 in Sweden. Just before playing the final on the business end he asked his coach and teammates why there were so many people that day at the stadium. Startled, he said it was the final in which the champion was decided.

Another example showing that Manuel Francisco dos Santos did not have many lights was when he decided to buy a modern radio in a Swedish store. When we arrive to the hotel, knowing his partner's innocence, some members of the team told that that device was not going to serve in Brazil as only Swedish programs were heard. Garrincha he tasted it and effectively found that only voices were heard in a language they did not understand what I no longer wanted.


Garrincha He developed most of his career in the Botafogo, where he became a legend after military during 15 consecutive seasons. Also he played in Corinthians, Junior de Barranquilla, Portuguese, Flamengo, Red Star Paris and Olaria, where he hung up his boots.

Throughout his life he had 14 children recognized (although it is believed he had a long list of unrecognized). Once removed, his problems with alcohol made him fall ill. Died in 1983 in utter ruin. His wake was held at the Maracana Stadium. A sad end for true football legend.



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  1. Errata: Garrincha's anecdote about why there were so many people in the stadium, happened the year 1962, and not in 1958.

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