Echeverría, IRIGUIBEL and Martin, Mythical front Osasuna

Echeverría, IRIGUIBEL and Martin, Mythical front Osasuna
Echeverría, IRIGUIBEL and Martin, one of the best offensive tridents years 80 in Spain (Cihefe)

Those who already are counting a few years as football fans in general will remember Mythical front Osasuna formed by José Manuel Echeverría, Patxi IRIGUIBEL and Enrique Martin who managed to secure the Navarran club in First Division.

As a curiosity we can emphasize that the three got the same number of goals with the shirt pinko First division: 36. Something, how much less, surprising.


Echeverría It was the first to gain a foothold in the first team in the Third Division after stressing the subsidiary. Was for many years the most capped player in the club's history with 463, something that Patxi Punal He managed to equalize well after.


IRIGUIBEL had more difficulty reaching the first team since Osasuna he closed the doors on several occasions and had to leave at Tudelano where he ballooned to score goals in Third Division (including one to Osasuna at conscious which gave victory to the visiting team) He is allowing his return to play in Second.


Finally we must not forget Enrique Martin, Most important not only as a player but as a coach in later years and he came to participate in two games with the Spanish player navarro being set.

THE SEASON 1979-1980

The most special season for this luxury trident was surely the 1979-1980 in which the obtained rojillos ascent to First Division and where the front of Osasuna framework 46 goals between the three (16 Echeverria, 19 IRIGUIBEL and 11 Martin). From there they managed to strengthen the team in the top flight (the equipment stayed 14 consecutive seasons to the decline in 93-94).

Nor should we forget that the three players in the squad (even though IRIGUIBEL no longer he participated in any game this year) the classification was achieved to play European competition for the first time in the history of the club in the season 1984-1985 after finishing sixth in the league.

In these times it should emphasize three players who developed a career at the same club and never abandoned despite having to do major deals at the peak of their careers. Definitely, Three examples of representing the football of yesteryear that makes legends and history CA Osasuna.

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