The injured Pele match at La Romareda

The injured Pele match at La Romareda
Image of the goal of La Romareda after the accident Ovejero (The country)

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It was announced with great fanfare as the last game that Pele would play in Europe. Santos came with his great star already had 34 years to meet in Zaragoza La Romareda the home team in a friendly match 3 September 1974. effectively, That was the last game of the carioca crack in Europe's shirt Santos, While it is true that later returned to play in Spain with New York Cosmos.

Cuando el Santos de Pelé visitó La Romareda

La Romareda It was filled to the rafters to witness this historic match. The whole hand stood up to Pele Santos to the point that it achieved an advantage 2-0 the score. But nevertheless, own 'the 1st’ Brazil managed to close the gap penalty. With 2-1 It came to rest.

The second part was normal until the minute 62 He came the play of the game to go down in history forever. Skin he put a great pass to Clayton that stung the ball before exit Nieves, goalkeeper zaragocista, when the ball was about to enter came ovejero, Central Real Zaragoza, that in sterile to prevent the ball entered attempt clutched to slow its fall on top of the network tronchando the two posts and by dropping the goal which fell on top hitting his head.

All players immediately came to succor ovejero who he was trapped like a fish in the net and with blood on his head. Fortunately, it was nothing serious and the match could be resumed even after repair damaged that goal no longer had any spare. Skin He ended his great performance with a great goal-kick that went into the top corner giving victory 2-3 al Santos.

In 20 playing football years had not seen anything like

After the meeting Star Santos I affirm that: “In 20 playing football years had not seen anything like” (referring to that would become famous goal of La Romareda). Brazil is also a nice gift led by the Real Zaragoza, a silver figure Virgen del Pilar recently he auctioned along with many other objects that had been keeping throughout his long career.

Pelé in La Romareda
Pelé receives the figure of the Virgen del Pilar by the Real Zaragoza (Herald)

La temporada de los ‘Zaraguayosdel Real Zaragoza

that season 1974-1975 I was about to start was the best in the blanquillo set that finished second in the league behind only the Real Madrid which he was champion. Paraguayan integrated template three players (Arrúa, Soto and Diarte) and other players such as the aforementioned ovejero, Violet or the Uruguayan White.

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