Pacheta, a technician with a Numantine spirit

Pacheta, a technician with a Numantine spirit
Pacheta in his time as a Numancia player. PHOTO: Brand

Jose Rojo, Pacheta in the football world, It is one of the examples of work to enhance what is known as "modest professional football", both as player and coach. As a technician in LaLiga has revolutionized the trajectory of SD Huesca, after a successful passage through Elche. And if there is a club that has marked his career, it is Numancia, what could have developed his Numantine spirit to face challenges.

This off-road midfielder began his career as a footballer in 1987 in his land, Burgos, playing for two years at Racing Lermeño. Then he had brief stays at Numancia, the Real Burgos, Atlético de Marbella and CD Mérida. In 1994 made the leap to the first division signing for Espanyol, where he spent five years and met technicians with a lot of personality such as Camacho and the Crazy Bielsa.

Spanish pacheta
Pacheta in his stage as Espanyol player against nothing more and nothing less than Rivaldo in a derby against Barça. PHOTO: Sport

At the turn of the millennium season he returned to the ranks of CD Numancia, already as a consolidated player and reinforcing that historic team from Soria that reached first. Two years he stayed in the category and continued two more in second until he hung up his boots in 2003.

Pacheta, debut as a coach, in First and from the offices

His life continued linked to the Soria club, for which he immediately began to work as an assistant to the sports director, First, and then as the sports director. In those years when it was a lift team between the gold and silver categories, Pacheta lived his first experience as a coach in the elite.

In the season 2008-2009, the club dismissed a Sergio Kresic (a classic of the Spanish benches in the decades of the 90 and the 2000, and that in Marbella there was trained to the protagonist of this article) and ofsde sports management Pacheta happened to take over in the reins of the team in the first division. It wasn't enough to keep the category Y the following season returned to work in the offices. yes, the love for the benches had awakened.

In 2010 the possibility of directing Oviedo arose, where he trained two seasons, and then he spent a year in Cartagena. During that stay in second B, he also led the AFE-Spain team in the FIFPro Tournament 2013 in the Netherlands, and with that team of the association of footballers he was champion.

Exotic experiences until finding a place in LaLiga

Then came the adventures abroad. In the 2013-2014 traveled to Poland to take care of a season at Korona Kielce. Y, after a year again in the Spanish 2nd B with Hércules de Alicante, had an exotic experience coaching Ratchaburi of the Thai Premier League.

Starting 2018 began his stage of success. He landed in February at Elche CF and in half a season he got promotion from 2nd B to second division. The following year he consolidated the category, to get the long-awaited promotion to first in the 2019-2020, after a very extended promotion phase in time. Despite the achievement, He was not renewed from the position and had to leave the Alicante bench; yes, with the affection of the fans and the city of Elche that awarded him the distinction of the silver medal of the Bimillennial of Elche. About this stage as franjiverde has written, beside Juan Carlos Cubeiro, the book ‘An honest team, thus we ascended to First’.

After a few months of waiting he got the opportunity to train, again, in the first division of LaLiga. And again starting in the middle of the season. He arrived to replace Michel on the bench of an SD Huesca that was at the end of the table. But with the competitive spirit of Pacheta, and the transmission to the players of their Numantine resistance, has managed to get the Aragonese out of the relegation zone.

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