Little World Cup: The first international club tournament

Little World Cup: The first international club tournament
The Colombian Millionaires, with Di Stéfano as the big star, was one of those who conquered the tournament (The world)

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Twenty years before Japan acogiera the Intercontinental Cup (and give him the exotic touch that made it so special tournament) and long before the FIFA not even imagine the petro-organization of the Mundialito clubs, They were put at stake the first gimped of Planet Football.

Little World Cup

A select group of powerful businessmen rich Venezuela the years 50 She decided to organize the most glamorous football championship ever dreamed. No doubt about ahead of their time. the character of exceptionality of the tournament must be taken into account, when it not even disputed whether a trophy for clubs want continental character nor in Europe or America.

Only they came to play six editions of the so-called "Little World Cup" between 1952 Y 1957, but their winners demonstrate the character of importance it once had: Real Madrid (twice), FC Barcelona, Corinthians, Sao Paulo Y The millionaires Colombian; the "blue ballet" who wowed the world with Di Stéfano to the head. And many others who stayed with honey on the lips: Botafogo, River Plate, Austria Vienna, Roma, Benfica, Valencia, Port, Vasco da Gama National.

European Cup and Copa Libertadores

The tournament consisted of a league in which they faced 4 teams, the top two in America and Europe respectively. At first clubs they were invited by their degree of importance, and then the beginning of the European Cup and American Champions Cup (after Liberators cup), The victory gave both direct passport to the global challenge held in Caracas.

The very appearance of the continental championships played down any importance to this primeval world tournament which, noteworthy, He had never been given official recognition. In 1957 He stopped in dispute for relaunching 1963 low in less glamorous name "Trofeo de Caracas" but still with great attractiveness and that kept coming the best clubs in the world. Then the FIFA He had already taken note of the invention and 1960 He had already been put at stake the first Intercontinental Cup, although there would still be much to organize a similar tournament meet in the same city the world's best clubs.

small glass of the world
Past results for 'Little World Cup of Clubs’ (Twitter Millonarios)

To remember they were games in which the stars fought on both continents, a gift for the history of football that, If it were not for the decision and love this sport a handful of Venezuelan businessmen, it would never have been possible.

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