Carlos Aimar, slaps on the chest and red scarf

Carlos Aimar, slaps on the chest and red scarf
Carlos Aimar, Tato Abbey and Julen Lopetegui, CD Logroñés myths (the Radionauta)

Which we began to learn football in years 90 discover a character who was a mixture of rare and endearing at the same time. Alucinábamos with videos The day after, Canal + program, It is showing us their techniques when training and especially in the peculiar way to motivate his players. We talk about Carlos Aimar, Argentine coach who became a genius and figure of football who led several teams in the league.

Carlos Aimar He highlighted as a player in Rosario Central where he spent most of his career. After 8 seasons at the club joined San Lorenzo de Almagro but nevertheless, a hip injury made him somewhat premature abandon football as a player and pursue training.


His first professional team was the Deportivo Spanish Argentine who led a season and then made the leap to CD Logrones of Spain who trained only 5 parties in the campaign 1988-1989. He poured test to return years later Las Gaunas not before directing two giants Boca Juniors and Argentina as his lifelong club, Rosario Central.

At last, more experienced, he returned to Logroño to take charge of Atletico replacing David Vidal (Miguel Angel Lotina made bridge between the two). Set in front of La Rioja managed to stay two consecutive seasons (a staff that had players like Lopetegui, abbey or Oleg Salenko the own in their ranks) and he gave slaps especially known for giving chest to his players when they left the locker room and headed onto the pitch before a match.


After meeting the objectives Las Gaunas he got the opportunity to train Celta Vigo in which he was also two seasons but the second one was dismissed in the eighth day. And as they say that no two without three, after his experience in Vigo had a third chance at Logrones at this time he could not save from relegation this season 1996-1997.

CD Tenerife Y Leganés were his other teams in Spain but the whole experience pepinero, which it had been bought by the Argentine Daniel Grinbank with a very ambitious project, It was not positive after he left the club. Aimar He resigned as coach of Madrid team and returned to Argentina where he still coached several teams like Lanus Y Quilmes his last club in 2005 it went into politics and became Undersecretary of Sports in Santa Fe.

In 2008 He began his career as a sports commentator for various programs and chains but mainly worked in the program 90 minutes of Fox Sports. We were always remain in his harangues head, his lectures and especially his chest slaps to motivate his players that we both drew attention, without forgetting the red scarf used to accompany him as an amulet.

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  1. The thing about the slaps on the chest was copied to Carlos Griguol, historic coach in Argentina and who later went from slapping to slapping. There are videos on YouTube.

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