Raul Tamudo and its most amusing anecdote with Paco Flores

Raul Tamudo and its most amusing anecdote with Paco Flores
Raúl Tamudo and Paco Flores in the season 1996-1997, the first striker in the first team parakeet (The Contra Deportiva)

Raul Tamudo It is an emblem of RCD Espanyol. Not in vain, natural footballer of Santa Coloma, is the top scorer in the club's history with 140 goals scored by summing all competitions. But nevertheless, parakeet its beginnings in the club were not easy.

In his first season in the first team españolista, Raul Tamudo She starred in one of the most amusing anecdotes with Paco Flores, coach at that time and the man who gave him the opportunity to gain a foothold in the first team. With 19 years, the boy showed more than enough qualities but had strikers like lard, Benitez, Ouédec O Raducioiu ahead of or should try their best in every training session.

That is why in a preparatory session RCD Espanyol, Raul Tamudo, I extramotivado, He made a hard foul on a partner. The action was punished for Paco Flores that made him stand in the middle of a rondo. The reaction of the young striker was directed to coach a: “What nen?” A very colloquial expression used in Catalonia. The Spanish coach was clear: “Do you think that you are ways to go to a coach? Race continues worldwide”.

This was explained himself Tamudo a documentary in Catalan television TV3 dedicated to him: “Suddenly entire workforce, including veterans, I was circling the field my fault. I did not know where to hide. I obviously realized that it was a First Division team that was not playing football with my colleagues in Santa Coloma”.

Raúl Tamudo and Petri Pasanen

The story of “What nen” still he had more guasa years later. With Paco Flores and outside the bench RCD Espanyol, parakeet whole had to face in a playoff UEFA Cup against Werder Bremen. The most curious thing is that in the ranks of the German team played a Finnish footballer name Petri Pasanen. logically, Raul Tamudo could not pass up the opportunity to exchange shirts with him and give it to his former coach, which gave him the opportunity in the First Division and that, surely, It owes much of his professional success filled Historic goals.

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