who was casto? The PES player who became a legend

who was casto? The PES player who became a legend
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Fans of football video games will never forget the saga of the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Of course, not names like Ivarov, Valeny, minanda, In Ximel Y, above all, Castolo.

Konami, the video game development company, decided to incorporate fictitious names and footballers for his Master League. Thus, when a player started a game with any team, it was already Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan… I had to train all these footballers.

The level of all of them was rather limited, not to say poor. As we were winning games and accumulating points, we could buy the great figures of world football and replace the 'packages’ with which we had started. But nevertheless, one of them was still in our team since he stood out for his high level: Castolo.

The Brazilian forward was the great star of our fictional team and, also, he was raising his level as his career progressed. The first matches, Espimas, Ordaz O Jaric they did what they could, but the one who really pulled the cart and gave us the first victories based on goals was Castolo.

PES United
Typical PES United lineup (The Journal)

Over the years, the Brazilian striker was becoming a legend for lovers of the saga. In fact, one of the most dramatic moments for fans was when in the edition of 2011, Konami decided it was time Castolo hang up the boots. The attacker had 37 year old.

The popularity of this virtual star was such that the Japanese company decided to include Castolo in the PES of the year 2015. On this occasion the myth would have a new role since it would be in charge of recruiting future soccer stars. A wink that caused a furor among fans of the video game and the footballer himself.


Years go by but, for many, Castolo and company are still part of his childhood. Hours and hours in front of the computer enjoying that squad that we had to lead to glory. Of course, good times. In fact, It has been speculated with the realization of a documentary about his figure. Menotti or Valdano themselves participate in the promotional video loaded with a sense of humor.


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