Why does Villarreal CF wear yellow?

Why does Villarreal CF wear yellow?
One of the best formations in Villarreal's history with Sorín, Riquelme, Forlan, Marcos Senna or Arruabarrena among others (Brand)

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The yellow color It is one of the main hallmarks of the Villarreal Football Club. But nevertheless, few people know the origin of this particular outfit. We analyze it.

Although the official foundation of the Villarreal is dated on 1 of January of 1923, initially, the team wore a white shirt and black pants, just like your neighbor the Valencia CF and the CD Castellón. There are people who believe that this was the reason why the change to the color yellow was decided, but it is not true.

Precisely to avoid that coincidence with its ‘neighbors’ and rivals, the CD Castellón he introduced the black stripes on his shirt because, at that time, a great rivalry existed between both entities. But nevertheless, the case of Villarreal it was different.


In the years 40, the Villarreal He modified his classic white shirt and black pants for one that is much more recognizable today: T shirt yellow color and blue pants. The reason was none other than the lack of stocks in the store that used to supply material to the entity. The order makers decided that yellow was the closest match to white and bought a full batch for the first team..

The change of clothing liked the club managers as well as the fans and the footballers themselves. In this way the nickname of ‘Yellow Submarine‘ with which the team has been known for many years. Despite the ‘dispute’ with the Cádiz CF (team that shares color and nickname with Villarreal), the truth is that the first publications in the press are mentioning the Castellón club.

Villarreal yellow color
Robert and Serer pose before the first match in Villarreal's First Division at Camp Nou (Sports world)

In the year 2005, the club chaired by Fernando Roig decided to go a little further. Pants and stockings, which until then were blue, they disappeared and gave way to a totally yellow uniform. Thus, the Villarreal CF it was further differentiated from other teams like the UD Las Palmas and self Cádiz CF.

Villarreal CF
In the year 2005, Villarreal modified his blue pants and stockings (Golsmedia)


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