Why Uruguayan footballers are so competitive? Why the selection wears blue shirt?

Why Uruguayan footballers are so competitive? Why the selection wears blue shirt?
The Uruguayan team that won the 'Mundialito'' in 1981 (Twitter @Uruguay)

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When you check out the prize list of the selection of Uruguay soon he realizes that it is one of the best in the world. Uruguayan footballers always they have been characterized as having a competitive gene distinguishes them, which makes them much stronger than his rival. Today we will try to analyze why this happens.

Although it may surprise you, Uruguay is the most decorated worldwide selection as it has 19 official international titles recognized by the FIFA. Selection celestial hosted the first World Cup ever held in the year 1930. In that championship they managed to win the final against Argentina a fully packed stadium and delivered.

But nevertheless, that World 1930 It was not the first big success charrúas. Uruguayan players had already won two gold medals in the Olympic Games 1924 Y 1928. Those two medals devoted to Uruguay as the best team on the planet because at that time there was still no World Cup.

Not comply with this, Uruguay were the protagonists of the biggest wallop is remembered in the history of the World. The blue selection defeated Brazil in the end of World 1950 at Maracana Stadium. Brazilians were very touched with that 'Maracanazo', the most painful defeat in its history. Again, Uruguay DNA showed that he knew overcome any adversity by far everything was against him.

But we must not only focus on the successes of the Uruguayan national team at the World Cup but we are also against the team that most times has been champion Copa America. Specific, Uruguay tops the list with 15 titles ahead of their great rivals in South America: Argentina and Brazil.

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The population of Uruguay It is just over 3 millions. Meanwhile, Argentina features 44 million and Brazil 210. Looking accounts, the ratio tells us that for each Uruguay there are 13 Argentine and 60 Brazilian. So… Why Uruguayan footballers get go that far more than their neighbors or both at club selection as?

Perhaps the secret lies in training Uruguayan children suffer from football academies. Far from which we can imagine, the boy playing football Uruguay he instills an objective above all: win. Cast, like is logic, It ends up being noticed as they grow and reaching higher ages. Of course fighting spirit, sacrifice and overcoming are the daily bread.

Of course, the results are plain sight. In addition to the successes in the form of titles that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Uruguayan footballers They leave his country soon to make the jump to Europe. In fact, level players charrúas present in large clubs of the old continent meet or exceed many times the Argentine and Brazilian.

Best Uruguayan Soccer Players in History

Uruguayan football has been a quarry in the world since the beginning of this sport. Throughout history there have been many players who have worn the blue shirt and they have won both their selection as at club level.

If we look back we find historical figures like Ghiggia, Schiaffino, Scarone, Obdulio Varela, Naszzi, Andrade, Petrone, “Manco” Castro, Mazurkiewicz, Pedro The O Antonio Alzamendi. More recently Hugo De Leon, Enzo Francescoli, Paolo Montero, Ruben Sosa, Alvaro 'Chino’ Recoba, Sebastian Abreu, Diego Forlan, Diego Godín, Luis Suarez O Cavani. The list could go because it is endless.

Why is light blue shirt Uruguay?

By last, but not less important, we would not end this article without explaining one of the peculiarities of this great football team. The color that we identify all Uruguay It is the sky that look his players on the jersey for many years.

Since its inception in 1900 until 1910 approximately, T-Shirt Uruguay did not have a final color. But nevertheless, in that year, Argentina announced before a game against the Uruguayans adopted the Albiceleste colors for your shirt. The head of the Uruguayan Football League, Héctor Rivadavia, He proposed choosing a color for the national team jersey.

River Plate FC, based club Motevideo, Uruguayan champion he proclaimed championship after defeating the team Buenos Aires Alumni wearing his shirt alternative sky blue color. For this reason, combined Uruguay decided to adopt the same color since.

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