Fernando Peralta, the doorman who lived in a seminar

Fernando Peralta, the doorman who lived in a seminar
Fernando with his distinctive mustache and white pants (Twitter Olympia)

San Lázaro Multipurpose, 12 October 1996. In the minute 35 party Compostela-Barcelona, Ronaldo retrieves a ball in his own midfield, only fourteen seconds later and after defeating eight opponents held one of the most impressive goals in football history after beating Fernando Peralta, Compos goalkeeper.

William, Bellido, Steps, Fabiano, Jose Ramon, Mauro, Chiba and Fernando fell one after another unable to stop the Phenomenon. It was impossible to prevent this immaculate white ball lodged in the goal compostelana.


Force, speed, quality, regattas, Temple and definition; all qualities embodied in that play that sealed the entrance to the hall of Brazilian football legends. Ronaldo He emerged as the player of the moment, the star that would mark time. Nike He did not hesitate to use that -after move to buy the rights to retransmission League– in a masterful publicity spot to mark his election as the best footballer of the year: "What if you asked God to make the best soccer player in the world and he listens to you?”.

What no one that night of October imagined 1996 the defense which Ronaldo It fell apart in less than half a minute would continue fending for more than a decade. Those players are engaged in tedious judicial process to defend their rights because they understood that the sports brand had violated. Worse was again beaten, this time for an even more painful goal. In 2009 the newspaper The world He gave the news of the decision of the trial hurtful holder: "Humiliated by Ronaldo's goal without a single euro".

As curiosity is possible to say that the eight players who appear in the ad wore boots a different trademark. But they not all reported. The last stumbling block Ronaldo to mark this anthological goal, goalkeeper Compostela, He was the only one who did not report. And is that Fernando Peralta, definitely, was a type made of other pasta, with an inner peace out of the ordinary.

In no time I figured it would come up before me. Many meters were those who were in front and had many of my colleagues I overcome, but did everything he had to do and did it.

Fernando Peralta. Sports world. 31/01/2018


Long before that, back in the eighty, the twentysomething Fernando was the titular goalkeeper CD Málaga First division, He had a promising future ahead. As well as by his precocity was struck by its peculiar way of dealing with his own life.

Undoubtedly it was a different player, It was no longer just for the sake of living distantly fame that began to embrace but because he wore a totally alien life to the whole media circus that could bind him. As he indicated in 1984 the newspaper The country era "Surely the only Spanish professional footballer who lives in a seminar".

Neither central story, modern houses or luxury hotels. Fernando Peralta after stopping a shot Maradona or catch a center Schuster, he dodged the world at the residence of the seminary where forty seminarians were then prepared in Málaga.

Many mornings breakfast with the bishop of the diocese Malaga constantly encouraged to be overcome in their profession. his companions, seminarians, They pray for him every Sunday to quit the party you well and to help in its attempt to keep a clean sheet. "

Pedro Luis Gómez. Diario El País. 05/05/1984

Fernando He did not just isolated in his little room, if not abiding by the rules of the seminar as one. Just he went out and when he did return before 22.30, He liked to respect the meal times, Masses were daily but not mandatory, watched TV when I was allowed and enjoyed the best hobby among seminarians: chat. He did not hide his satisfaction with living in the "Ideal place for an athlete" I did not think the move if it were not for "A change in marital status or team".

There certainly got peace needed to see life in a slow and pursue their university studies while defending, with an unmistakable stamp of good-natured and bushy mustache, the goals of all fields of Spain.


The race of Fernando It did not get to meet the high expectations of his early career when it seemed that saturate one of the giants. After playing six seasons with the malagueños, half of them in first, he joined the Sevilla to play another four in the top flight. After passing through the Andalusian capital he returned to his Málaga, before joining the Castellón where just he is playing in 2ªB in 1995, time when the SD Compostela he provided an opportunity, already 34 years, back to show off their distinctive white pants on League of stars.

Fernando Castellon
Fernando during his time in the CD Castellón (Twitter: Olympia)

The SD Compostela It was a humble club following a swift ascent from Third Division stood in First Division 1994. Dressed in their original shirt bicolor, the Lineups It was the typical friendly team for the amateur neutral, that team that seems to be doomed to decline at the beginning of the championship. Against all odds managed to maintain the category for four years and became a mythical team ninety.

It was not there the thing, with great players like Fabiano, Fire, Penev o Nacho and directed from the band jovencísimo Fernando Vázquez, they beat all the big teams in the league and made the San Lázaro Multipurpose a blockhouse. Ya all referred to as Super-Compos He got to be the best Galician team and achieve 1995 Meritorious winter runner, ahead of Real Madrid Y Barcelona.

The Compostela lost the top flight in 1998, when no longer he had the support of the prayers of the priests malagueños, After two seasons Fernando He had retired. As a metaphor for Christian pilgrimage Fernando said goodbye in Holy city. There, at the foot of the Cathedral of Santiago, He happened to the history of football not stop a ball, a goal that not humbled him and he was not able to beat the inner peace seminarian.

Seminarians are people like we should be all. I know them well and I can say that there is no one who is not willing to give everything for someone he needed. They go ahead with good. If there are many like them, we all would be better.

Fernando Peralta. Diario El País. 05/05/1984

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