José Emilio Amavisca, a secondary luxury

José Emilio Amavisca, a secondary luxury
Amavisca and Zamorano formed a lethal pair. Photo:

José Emilio Amavisca Gárate It was, for some of those who were born in 80, an early childhood idols. Certainly did not shine and glamor of other players of the time, even in his own companions golden stage at Real Madrid but, definitely, was a major player in all the teams that played and managed titles that players with more cache and marketing can only dream.

Born in Laredo (Cantabria) He began to take his first kicking a ball in the lower echelons of the team of his people. He went to Valladolid Promises and soon he made the leap to the First division debuting with the team in the season Pucela 1989-1990. After leaving on loan to the Lleida, vallisoletanas returned to land to settle on the team Zorrilla.


Amavisca He comprised of the legendary Spanish team that won gold in Barcelona '92 along with other players that marked an era as Kiko Naváez, Luis Enrique, Guardiola, Cañizares, Alfonso…

Barcelona '92
Spanish Olympic team that became champion in the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92. Photo: The country

Their good work in the Valladolid It allows you to sign, no more no less, that the Real Madrid Jorge Valdano. Although initially Argentine coach did not have much with him, Cantabria based work he gained a place in the template Madrid.

In his first season (1994-1995), He was the player revelation of the league, achieving 10 multiple goals and assists, forming a formidable pair with Chilean Ivan Zamorano. The Real Madrid League champion was proclaimed and was able to thrashing 5-0 al Barcelona at Bernabéu (with goal Amavisca included).


But without any doubt, most important title race José Emilio Amavisca It would be achieved in the final mythical Amsterdam in which Real Madrid win by 1-0 Zidane Juventus with a goal Pedja Mijatovic.

In said final, the Spaniard had the opportunity to leave the minute 90 replacing party Raul and thus go down in history. Just a few months later, It would be proclaimed champion Intercontinental in the final Real Madrid beat Vasco de Gama.

Amavisca held 'The Seventh'
Template Real Madrid celebrating the achievement of the 7th European Cup. Photo:

Slowly, He was losing prominence in the alignments. With the arrival of Guus Hiddink, he decides to return to his native Cantabria to sign for Racing de Santander, in the remaining two seasons performing at high level.

'Centenariazo’ AND WITHDRAWAL

Again, their good work in the Racing It allows you to sign for Deportivo La Coruna. This is a team that by then rubbed shoulders with the greats of the League and Europe. Not in vain, Amavisca It was part of the historic Depor who he managed to win the final of the King Cup Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in its centenary year. Almost nothing.

After spending three seasons in A Coruña, signed by the Espanyol, where only played one season (2004-2005) and the term of the same, decides to hang up his boots.


In addition to the aforementioned gold medal she won in Barcelona '92, José Emilio Amavisca He defended the Red up to 15 occasions, It is summoned for Euro '96 and World Cup '98.

Some never forget his long hair and holding feature, knee, head down and finger pointing to the sky, dedication to a good friend who was killed in an accident.

Definitely, a historic player of our football, it was never a star, but always he paid on all computers in which he played, completing an enviable record: 2 Suspenders, 2 Supercopa of Spain, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92, 1 European Cup 1 Intercontinental.



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