CD Castellón-Valencia CF, the first major football rivalry Valencia

CD Castellón-Valencia CF, the first major football rivalry Valencia
Match between CD Castellón and Valencia in Castalia Year 1990, orellut last set in First Division (Ciberche)

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Today when we talk about derbies and rivalries Valencia football we usually think of existing between Valencia and Levante, Valencia and Villarreal O, If we focus on the province of Castellón, and the set of albinegro yellow submarine. But nevertheless, the first great rivalry of Valencia was the one that faced the Valencia CF and CD Castellón.

For those who do not know, only 60 kilometers separate the two cities. In addition to the sporting rivalry has always been some 'pique’ among its inhabitants both socially, cultural and economic. This is not new and the usual something virtually everyone between nearby cities. In fact, the inhabitants of Castellón call the Valencia 'mig ouets’ (half an egg) since apparently it used to be lunch Valencians working on land castellonenses.


As regards strictly sports should be noted that the first meeting between the two clubs was the 22 of January of 1922 in Algirós, stadium Valencia CF. The game ended with victory CD Castellón by 2-3. At that time the two teams dressed in white shirt and black pants but just not look anything like his great rival, the La Plana decided to change forever their property albinegra shirt we know today.

The highlight of this rivalry came 29 of January of 1933. That day CD Castellón He suffered an embarrassing refereeing in a match that bridled him to Real Oviedo and there were serious incidents between the fans of the game and the referee far from downsize had a defiant attitude towards the public. In fact, the character in question, by name July Ostalé Gómez, He ended up in jail that night as explained in this article.


Albinegro club received a harsh economic sanctions and also their stadium was closed for 3 months. both Spanish Federation and the Valencian They suggested that play their home games at Valencia fiefdom something that flatly refused both managers and the fans: “Before disappearing to play at home in Mestalla”. Thus coinciding with the start of the Civil War, the CD Castellón butted 6 years of sporting inactivity.

A few years later came the first derby of Valencia in the Primera Division soccer. Albinegro set remained in the top flight for 6 consecutive seasons since the 1941-1942 to 1946-1947. During these years the Valencia had a great team and was able to win 3 Suspenders. But nevertheless, in the course 1942-1943 the orelluts managed to stay ahead of its rival and they ended the quarter championship while Mestalla were sevenths.

After the descent the CD Castellón He soon returned to First though, yes, He made it hard. In the 1972-1973 Albinegros completed a fifth position (one point ahead of Valencia) and also they reached the Cup final (in fact they eliminated the ches in the second round with a win at Mestalla) even though fell by 2-0 against Athletic Club de Bilbao.

The most recent fighting in the First Division were in the season 1990-1991, albinegro the last of the box in the top flight. In these 11 the campaigns 22 parties had a balance of 3 victories for Castellón, 5 draws and 14 valencianistas victories. Only in the 42-43 (in which outperformed La Plana Valencia In the table) The two wins were for orelluts. Hopefully soon we can again enjoy the first football rivalry Valencia.


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