The origin of the albinegra shirt and CD Castellón 'Pam, Pam Orellut’

The origin of the albinegra shirt and CD Castellón 'Pam, Pam Orellut’
Template CD Castellón 1941 (Photo: CD Castellón)

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In our particular review of origin of some of the most emblematic shirts our football we must stop today in the history of uniform CD Castellón and the origin of the song: ¡pam, pam, orellut!

Why is the CD Castellón shirt albinegra??

The CD Castellón It was founded 20 July 1922 being the SD Cervantes CF his predecessor. At first I had a striped shirt that included three different colors: verde (of the camps), orange (the fruit) Y blue (from sea) with black pants. But nevertheless, This mixture of colors was quite difficult to get apart from being quite expensive so we chose (as did many other teams in its infancy) to play with a white shirt holding the black panties.

But nevertheless, the great rivalry with its neighbor Valencia CF, prompted the CD Castellón include vertical black stripes on his shirt that has remained unchanged until today.

Where does Pam Pam Orellut come from??

Meanwhile, Another question that all of us usually often is the origin of the expression ‘Pam, Pam, Orellut’, so characteristic of fans club castellonense. Apparently this war cry began in the years 20.

At that time he defended the goal of the team José Oven, a goalkeeper who achieved much fame for its quality. One of the hobbies of cancerbero was placed behind his net figure of an elephant. Whenever he is performing a public shouting stop “not, orellut”, something that was seeping slowly.

further, as account, He was a regular at field Sequiol (first club) a peculiar name aficionado Jaime Varella what, apparently, She had prominent ears and always applauded twice (hence the pam-pam). Thus, when applauded those who sat around him shouted “orellut” but with the excuse elephant keeper Alanga if anger by the endearing amateur.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there (and remains) a great rivalry with Valencia so the song was extended, especially after a great victory gained by the CD Castellón his neighbor bam, pam, orellut, Valencia lost! (Valencia has lost).


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