What is the true Spanish football Yellow Submarine?

What is the true Spanish football Yellow Submarine?
The famous yellow submarine that became fashionable in the late Beatles 60.

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It is one of the classic arguments we have heard more times over the years in Spanish football, What is the true yellow Submarine? Hobbies Villarreal CF Y Cádiz CF They have their reasons to defend their respective positions.

First we must say that actually everyone is free and has a legitimate right to register or to use the nickname it deems appropriate so, from that point of view, the discussion itself is meaningless and is quite absurd.

But nevertheless, This article will try to focus on the strictly historical to be the reader to draw their own conclusions about this matter.

Since its inception, as he Villarreal CF As the Cádiz CF have had the yellow color as one of its most representative signs of identity.


It all started in the year 1967 when the popular British group The Beatles He came into fashion a song titled ‘Yellow Submarine’ (Yellow Submarine) who he won great popularity worldwide including Spain thanks to the Castilian version of the Mustang.

The Villarreal CF soon he endorsed this song and became practically an unofficial club anthem. Every time the team jumped onto the pitch home was (and it still being) received by this topic.

There is evidence in documents and publications of the time when various newspapers and magazines refer to the club as yellow submarine. Meanwhile, the Cádiz CF He began to receive this name until late 80 when he got his promotion to First Division.

So, if we only consider the age of the nickname, it is clear that the Villarreal It was the first to adopt. But it is obvious that, as we said at the beginning of the article, it is not necessary to speak of 'authentic yellow submarine’ or have it exclusively… or if?

Another approach that is often given to this issue is the fact that a submarine features down to the depths to advance through them to finish emerging more strongly. Definitely, one hallmark feature of Cádiz CF that throughout its history has been known as' lift equipment’ for their continued instability alternating promotions and demotions.

In another article the web www.elfutbolymasalla.com It is well documented and much more detailed all this' discussion’ for anyone to draw their own conclusions.

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