Chapi Ferrer: “I came to think that we took off the European Cup my fault”

Chapi Ferrer: “I came to think that we took off the European Cup my fault”
Albert Ferrer with the legendary orange shirt at that end of Wembley (CCMA)

It was one of the heroes who managed the first European Cup for FC Barcelona. The "Cpi’ Ferrer very fair came to that final in Wembley in 1992 as 6 months earlier he had suffered a serious injury to his knee ligaments.

that year 1992 It was very special for Barca right side bravo. Leaving aside the injury, Ferrer got the gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics, the league title (thanks to Real Madrid stumble in Tenerife) and said European Cup. It was the first 'orejona’ culés in display cases and was celebrated in style.

As himself Chapi Ferrer He counted in microphones Catalonia Radio there was great excitement in the azulgrana expedition: “We were very nervous. was still present in the environment lost finals in Seville against Steaua in the penalty shootout. That day the club was also favorite and was a very big stick. I, for example gastroenteritis in London suffered nerve”.

Johan asked me to become a party that 10 vs 10″

The Sampdoria it would not be a rival anything but simple. The Italian side had a cast of great players who had a prolific career: Lombardo, Vialli, Pagliuca, Mancini… the latter was precisely the great concern of Guardiola, Johan Cruyff: “The boss commanded me a man marking on Mancini. He told me to chase him all over the field, I had to turn that party into a 10 vs. 10”.

The ligament injury suffered by the Chapi Ferrer He was very close to him out of this important meeting. A few days earlier he had received a medical discharge and had no problem playing a league match against RCD Mallorca. Thus, the side was heading into that final that was decided on a goal by Koeman kick in overtime: “Ronald scored when I was the player who was farther. I ran and still came to the conclusion earlier than others. Imagine the sprint to hit. The 9 missing minutes to finish the match became eternal, really we were afraid that we escaped”.

While they are celebrating the title, I was nervous about the doping control”

And if that was not enough, with the final whistle there was calm for the good of Ferrer. The footballer was chosen to pass the doping test: “While everyone was celebrating this important title was nervous. I did pass the drug test and I had medicated me the issue of gastroenteritis. I was afraid that the doctor had not written all that was taking me or any substance that could be considered doping. I came to think that we could take the European Cup my fault”.

Luckily for Chapi Ferrer and all Barcelona, the title was perfectly valid and the culmination of that Dream Team Johan Cruyff. That team managed 4 Leagues consecutively but above all was that first European Cup meant a complete release for a club that I needed as eating.

After 8 seasons culé, Albert Ferrer He emigrated to England to sign for Chelsea. In London side remained 5 seasons to hang up his boots. His resume is enviable. 5 Suspenders, 2 Copas del Rey, 4 Supercopa of Spain, 1 European Cup, 1 Recopa and 2 European Super Cups with Barca plus 1 FA Cup, 1 Carling Cup y 1 European Super Cup with Chelsea.

Of course, He also wore the shirt of the Spanish selection in 39 occasions. It was present in two World (1994 Y 1998) and he achieved the aforementioned gold medal in the Barcelona '92 Olympics.



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