Copa America 1999: The day that Martin Palermo missed three penalties

Copa America 1999: The day that Martin Palermo missed three penalties
Martin Palermo regrets after missing the second penalty against Colombia (Photo: Gol tuning)

The Copa America 1999 was the first in history played in Paraguay. The champion of the competition was Brazil, but nevertheless, that edition made history thanks to the performance of the Argentine Martin Palermo in the shock disputed Colombia Y Argentina on the second day of Group C.

That meeting was one of the craziest tournament. Not in vain, the referee of the match took 5 criminal (3 for Argentina and two Colombia). curiously, 4 of them they were wrong. At times, reminded the party played in the Spanish League between Real Oviedo and the Real Valladolid which he reached record 6 maximum penalties in the Spanish championship and which we discussed in another article.

The protagonist of the match between Argentine and Colombian was clearly Martin Palermo. The legendary striker Boca, who arrived in Spain from the hand of Villarreal CF, It was in charge of kicking three penalties of those who ordered the picture directed by Marcelo Bielsa. surprisingly, He missed three.

Colombia won the match by a convincing 3-0 with goals from Córdoba (penalty), Edwin Congo Y Montaño. The difference could be higher if it were not for Germán Burgos, goalkeeper albiceleste, who had a great performance and interrupted another penalty on Hamilton Ricard.


So much Colombia as Argentina They had a fairly low profile in that Copa America 1999. Colombians achieved the top spot in Group C by winning the three games played but fell in the quarterfinal against Chile marker for 2-3. Meanwhile, Argentine They were second in the group after winning two games and losing only the aforementioned meeting of prisons Palermo. Brazil He sent to house the albiceleste also in Quarterfinals.

Brazil He was crowned champion Copa America 1999 after winning the final by a resounding 3-0 the selection of Uruguay. That team had great players like Ronaldo and Rivaldo who took a clean sweep of top scorers ranking with 5 many both. But nevertheless, the party was for all memory was that of the three penalties missed by Martin Palermo against Colombia a 4 July 1999.

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