Atletico Celaya 'los galacticos’ that grazed the glory

Atletico Celaya 'los galacticos’ that grazed the glory
Míchel, Butragueno and Hugo Sanchez together again in the At. Celaya after triumphing at Real Madrid (Photo: Pinterest)

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Everyone knows 'the galactics’ Real Madrid Florentino was. In the year 2000 Figo came the Merengues and slowly they followed him Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo… a dream team made based book. But nevertheless, there was a club that already did something similar years ago in the city of Celaya (Mexico).

The Atletico Celaya It was founded in 1994. On President, Enrique Fernandez, had the sole objective of forming a team that reached the Mexican first division and competed for the title with the best clubs in the country. And wow he got it.

Fernandez and his partners moved the franchise Atletico Bulls Cuernavaca, I was in Second Division, the city of Celaya. The team managed to climb directly after winning the championship winning in the end to Pachuca by 1-0. He had reached the first major goal much sooner than expected.


It was in the season 1995-1996 when the first major signing of the new and ambitious club came. Emilio Butragueno landed in Mexico after a lifetime full of successes in the Real Madrid. The '7’ He was not disappointed and did a really good season scoring 17 goals, spreading 8 assists and putting his team in the final for the title herself.

Everything was going very fast, maybe too much, and dream of Fernández came close fulfilled. Celaya lost the final the double value of the goals scored in the attacking half (1-1 in Celaya and 0-0 in return) and the Necaxa He became champion.

Butragueño Celaya
Emilio Butragueño did not go on vacation to Mexico. The footballer spent three seasons at Celaya and his performance was more than satisfactory (The Gazette)


Not content with this, the chief executive joined two figures in the 1996-1997: Míchel, also from the Real Madrid Y Hugo Sanchez, he had agreed with his colleagues at the Santiago Bernabeu and was an idol in his country. A) Yes, 'The galactics’ Celaya again they faced the challenge of being champions.

But nevertheless, The team began its decline. Míchel He made a good season, scoring 9 goals and dishing 10 assists. Meanwhile, Hugo only he scored 2 goals in 12 matches, which was a disappointment for the fans.

Míchel and Hugo only played one season in the Mexican team, while Butragueño completed three. The last one with good goalscoring figures again. It was the season 1997-1998 the last of 'The Vulture’ as active player. With their withdrawal, the team no longer raised its head.

The Fernandez family I had to sell the club because of economic problems that would result in the disappearance of the organization shortly after not being able to meet the payment of debt.

At present, the city has a new team, the Celaya Soccer Club, whose aim is to try to return to fight for the dream that was so close to achieve the old Atletico Celaya of the Galacticos.


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