Great players who wore the number 13 in his shirt

Great players who wore the number 13 in his shirt
Gerd Muller celebra su gol en el Alemania-Inglaterra del Mundial de México '70 con el 13 in her back (Pinterest)

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The number 13 It is the dorsal ‘blunders’ by excellence. There are many players who have avoided carry on his back throughout their careers. But nevertheless, there are others who have managed to succeed and succeed with it. We review some of the most curious cases.


Gerd Muller
Possibly the best example to show that superstition 13 Meaningless. Bomber of the Nation, as the front is often known, He swelled to score goals throughout his career. yes, Bayern used to take the 9 as at that time the owners used the 1 al 11. It was with the team with which he had great success with 13 To the back (


Eusebio NASL
Another example of sporty hit with the dorsal 13 on the back is Eusebio who used especially with the selection of Portugal (NASL Jerseys)


Gol de Abreu
A player who has not had any problems to bring the number 13 on his shirt is Abreu. Both the selection of Uruguay as in the many clubs he has played. Maybe that's why they call him 'El Loco’ (Deportivo Cuenca).


Neeskens,Johan Cruyff faithful squire in Clockwork Orange, bore the 13 without major problems. In your case superstitious say he played two finals World with the dorsal and lost both (Twitter: Holland74)


Nesta and number 13
Another fan 13 was Nesta. The center that formed a great couple with Maldini, He achieved great titles with Milan (Twitter: Team Milan AC)


Rudi Völler 13
Rudi Voller German with Belgian George Grün, both the dorsal 13 (Classic Football Shirts)


Ballack and number 13
Michael Ballack was one of the great players of his era although it is true that he lost quite late with his 13 To the back. According to the player himself said on occasion, He chose this dorsal in honor of Rudi Völler. (5Wfootball)


El caso de Fernando Pascoal das Neves 'Paul’ Is very striking. Football player, Porto captain, He died in the party. Not wearing the dorsal 13 on the shirt but he fell at the minute 13 in a match between Porto and Vitoria for Week 13. some media, to give more curiosity to the subject, They say occurred 13 November 1973, but it is not true, It happened the day 16 (The province)


Number 13
A more recent case is that of Davide Astori. Fiorentina captain died suddenly at the team hotel of your team. Both the Viola as Cagliari, his former team, T withdrew the dorsal 13 (L´Equipe)


There are several curious stories around the number 13 in the history of the world. Without going further, were 13 the teams went to both Uruguay in World Cup 1930 and of Brazil 1950. In both cases, the champion was precisely the Uruguayan team.

curiously, although this number brought luck to the Uruguayans in the two championships he has won only, all players Uruguay They refused to take this number in the Chile World 1962.

The same happened with the selection of Peru at World Argentina in 1978 but finally the player Juan Caceres reluctantly he agreed to take.

More recently, Thomas Muller, in honor of his idol Gerd Muller, has had great success in terms of titles and both goals Bayern as for Germany with 13 in his shirt, being one of the top scorers in the history of the world.



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