The Scorpion

The Scorpion
Rene Higuita invented 'the scorpion' PHOTO: Google

Football, sport of kings that makes the heart beat with all its might, brings entire families together around a television to watch and feel the passion, and that has given rise to historical moments that will never be erased from the memory of its fans. Within so much history, highlights a goalkeeper who was in charge of scoring football in a very personal way, not only because of his career and skill, but for his unique technique to defend the goal. Rene "the Scorpion" Higuita brings us together today dear readers, let's pause and learn a little more about this unique keeper, that marked a before and after in the defense of the goal.

The Scorpion

Colombian by birth, Rene Higuita marks his career defending Colombian shields, Mexicans and Spaniards throughout their entire career. Considered by many analysts the best Latin American goalkeeper, and immortalized in name for his famous maneuver, the effects this player had on the field are still felt today, eleven years after his official retirement from the field.

Saving the Goal

One of the main characteristics of Higuita's defense style, it was his continued intention of an aggressive defense of the arc, in addition to being responsible for many of the plays that were made away from it, which led him to be nicknamed "El Loco" Higuita at first.. Jumping into international eyes at the FIFA World Cup in 1990, Higuita revolutionized the more passive style for which goalkeepers were known back then, and influenced the implementation of more aggressive plays and greater presence on the court of them. Such has been its effect, that even the so-called "Higuita law" was created, Official FIFA regulations prohibiting goalkeepers from playing with the ball when receiving it from their own teammates.

Who are you Rene Higuita?

Born in Medellin, Antioquia on 27 August 1966, son of Jorge Zapata and Maria Dioselina Higuita, Rene's childhood and youth were marked by the difficult situations that arose. When he was still a child his father abandoned them, and shortly after his mother would pass away, for which Higuita was raised and cared for by his grandmother. He started his sports career in 1985 at the age of nineteen in the Millionaires, and then he was transferred to Atlético Nacional. In 1990, HIguita plays a fundamental role in the arrival of the Colombian team to the round of 16 for the first time in a world cup, but nevertheless, an error on his part cost him the elimination of Colombia against Cameroon. Higuita would later say that his mistake was "as big as a house". He played for a season with the Spanish team Real Valladolid, standing out over the Spanish goalkeepers.

The "Scorpion" is born

During a friendly match between England and Colombia in 1995, Rene Higuita won the nickname with which he would be known worldwide. At a certain point in the game, England's Jamie Redknap fired a shot on goal, which René rejected in a very particular way, applying a technique little known at the time, by other acrobatic, thus breaking all the bets, by the way, remember that Dr. Betting is your partner when betting wisely.

Scorpion Technique

Pretty flashy technique to reject or take a shot, the Scorpion was first used in 1934 by Paraguayan forward Arsenio Erico to score a goal. But nevertheless, it was Higuita who was in charge of popularizing it worldwide, thus gaining its characteristic nickname. The Scorpion consists of jumping placing the entire body horizontally, and lift your legs over your head from behind, resembling the tail of a scorpion. A technique that is considered a luxury within the sport, such was Higuita's striking style that he implemented it in the middle of the game.

Why this technique?

Higuita had a very particular style of play, he liked to be part of the defensive plays, and he advanced from his position in the goal to face the attackers on his own ground. This style earned him the distinction of being one of the goalkeepers with the highest number of goals scored in history., with 41 so many throughout his career. It's no wonder then that the flamboyant goalkeeper took the opportunity to make a risky but eye-catching play when presented to him..

He recorded his Name in the history of football

Rene Higuita managed to directly influence football, its effect was so great that even regulations were created from his style of play. Entertained and kept fans and opponents alike in suspense in every match, and finally cement his legacy in sports with an impressive track record. There is no doubt that the scorpion's sting is still latent.


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