When the Athletic Club avoided relegation on the final day

When the Athletic Club avoided relegation on the final day
Rubiales and Urzaiz will greet the end of the match in which Athletic managed to stay (Photo: cadenaser.com)

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As we mentioned in other articles, only FC Barcelona, Real Madrid Y Athletic Club have been able to remain in the First Division since its inception in the season 1928-1929. But nevertheless, to the like happen to Catalans and meringues, the Athletic Club He has been in trouble for staying on occasion. Today we remember the time he spent worst hobby San Mames, the day the Basque side avoided relegation on the last day of the season.


Was a 17 June 2007 and a server was in the press booths of the old man San Mames witnessing the encounter. I remember a spectacular setting, not only during the match, but outside the stadium for many hours before the ball started rolling.

came the Levante as stone guest since I managed to stay a day before, beating the Valencia, his eternal rival, by 4-2 leaving the homework done.

Meanwhile, the Athletic Club He had one thing in his favor. He depended upon himself. A victory left him at first because his rival for permanence, the Celta Vigo, It had one point less than in Bilbao.

The game started with domain lions, Spurred by the supporters, They are trying to get ahead fast. But nevertheless, a Levante no pressure put up good local envestidas. He soon emerged as the figure of the party Molina, goalkeeper visitors, with stops genuine merit. The party came to rest with 0-0 and nerves were more than evident.

The second half began in the same manner as the first. A Athletic Club who tried but found Molina and again, it did not seem to let go. But nevertheless, at 59′ party, José Serrano, central defense granota, put the ball into his own goal for delirium of the Bilbao parish.

The Levante He did not appear too much for the local goal. Some players like Molina, person, Rubiales or Italian Tommasi They seemed quite involved, but nevertheless, the team in general was pretty tame. 76' he came in second, work of Gabilondo, It sealing the permanence of a historical and sent to the Celtic, I had also met winning the Getafe, Second Division.


Much she was said after that game, especially when it came to light an alleged recording between Inaki Descarga, Levante captain, with its president at that time, Julio Romero, in which allegedly they talked about getting lost that day and the president of the Federation, Angel Maria Villar, I was running it. curiously, A few years later, granota certified classification to dispute Europa League after a brilliant season, against a Athletic Club not playing anything and which defeated by a comfortable 3-0.

Thus, the Athletic Club de Bilbao kept the category. For many lion fans, that was the most important game in the club's history, something that attracts a lot of attention considering that the rojiblancos are one of the greatest in Spain, with titles of League Y Cup in their showcases. This makes it clear how important it is for the fans to remain one of the few teams that has always played in the First Division..



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