Season 1928-1929: The first Spanish League history

Season 1928-1929: The first Spanish League history
Spanish RCD was protagonist of the first game of the League history (File Jordi Puyalto)

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The 10 February 1929 He began the first League history in Spain. In FUTBOLRETRO.ES we review everything that happened at that historical moment that gave way to a sport that has generated great passions around the world becoming a religion for many, of course also in our country.

The first match in the history of the Spanish League

That same season, the RCD Spanish He had proclaimed champion Cup for the first time in their history by defeating known as 'End of the water’ (due to heavy rain) al Real Madrid by 2-1. Precisely the parakeet club was commissioned to kick off the National League Championship in a match that pitted him the legendary stadium of Sarria al Real Union Irun.

That first game ended with a favorable outcome to the Catalan club 3-2 and responsible for achieving the first goal in the history of the League was none other than José Pitus Prat a strong volley that hooked the minute 5 party to overcome Emery, Basque side goalkeeper.

The 10 Founders League clubs

Were 10 clubs that were part of the first edition of the League in First Division:

  • Arenas Club de Getxo
  • Athletic Club de Bilbao
  • FC Barcelona
  • Athletic Club de Madrid
  • Club Deportivo Europe
  • Spanish Real Club Deportivo
  • Real Santander Racing Club
  • Real Madrid CF
  • Real Sociedad de Fútbol
  • Real Unión Irun

The Racing He achieved its participation in this first edition thanks to their tie against Sevilla who managed to defeat so the whole hispalense, along with other historical and Valencia, Real Betis, Real Oviedo, Sporting, Celta Vigo O Deportivo La Coruna, They began its journey in Second Division.


The whole FC Barcelona was the first champion in the history of the Spanish league ahead of Real Madrid. Meanwhile, the Racing which ended in last position he had to deal again with the Sevilla in promoting and, again, Andalusian deprived of playing in First because despite losing 2-1 In sevilla, He beats in Santander 2-0 in the second leg holding category.

La Liga
First classification League history (Wikipedia)

By last, noting that the first top scorer of the competition was Paco Bienzobar, striker Real society, that was able to score 17 goals in 18 matches. Meanwhile, Ricardo Zamora Spanish RCD was the goalkeeping record with 24 goals conceded.

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