The best pitchers in the history of lack of football

The best pitchers in the history of lack of football
Zico, possibly the best free kick taker in history (club News)

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It is one of the most valuable skills in the world of football. Nowadays, the set pieces have a paramount importance, but this is something that comes from afar. We review some of the best pitchers missing history taking into account, especially, the effectiveness of the executors.


Possibly the best free kick taker in history. Brazil Zico It was a genuine life insurance for teams whose jersey defended and a threat to its rivals. The midfielder got neither more nor less than 101 free kick goals broken down as follows: Flamengo (62), Udinese (17), Kashima (15) and selection of Brazil (7). Crazy.

Juninho Pernambucano

Another 'gunner’ Brazilian. Juninho It was a headache for opposing coaches who did not know how to stop their shots. A powerful shot that especially shone in Lyon where he won 44 many lack. Throughout his career he totaled 76 free throw.


As we can see, the dominance of Brazil in this list the best pitchers missing patent is. Everything he did Ronaldinho the pitch was pure magic and faults were no exception. The 10’ goals left to remember, 66 of them missing.


As forget English David Beckham. Its main feature was the subtle touch with his right foot was practically a glove. Great goals very beautiful invoice both Manchester United and Real Madrid and of course for England. Throughout his career he got 65 lack of.


One of the best footballers of all time You could not miss on our list. The fuzz anthological goals scored in this way. 62 ended faults in the network with that left foot of gold that had Diego.


Of course, the list of the best pitchers of lack of history could go with big names. Cristiano Ronaldo is another of those who have gotten a lot of many in this way although it is true that its effectiveness is much lower than others like Leo Messi so we do not think you need to add.

Yes deserving men like Italian Andrea Pirlo and Serbian Sanisa Mihajlovic. Both prowled the 50 A direct free kick annotations throughout his career.

If we look a little further back we can point to others as Skin, Alessandro Del Piero O Platini who were also genuine specialists. Focussing on the Spanish League in the early 90 got a real footballers recital as Milinko Pantic, star of Atletico doublet, Tsartas Sevilla, Assunçao Real Betis and of course Ronald Koeman Barca.

Goal kick Roberto Carlos against France

By last, but not least, we place special emphasis on Roberto Carlos. While it is true that the Brazilian side did not kick as many goals as so many might think (the shirt of Real Madrid were 25) What we can say without fear of contradiction is that he managed one of the most spectacular in history.

Goal of Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos and his impossible goal against France (goals Magic)

It happened in a match between Brazil Y France corresponding to the Confederations Cup year 1997. The '6’ of the canarinha He launched a trallazo with the outside instep of his left foot that drew a curvature with a totally amazing effect. The images still amazed today. For many, the best goal of lack of history. Judge for yourself. = 41tTluSOBiM

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  1. I disagree. For me the best pitcher in history is Koeman and for the record that I am not a culé

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