The only two players who have played in Barcelona, Atletico and Real Madrid

The only two players who have played in Barcelona, Atletico and Real Madrid
Bernd Schuster in one of his first matches with FC Barcelona shirt (Thesefootballtimes)

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There are few who have worn the shirt of big teams in our league and have switched sides. But nevertheless, After so many years, can we be surprised that only two players have worn the shirt of those considered by many the big three Spanish football: Barcelona, Atletico and Real Madrid. The 3 first teams in the historical LaLiga classification.

Who are the only ones 2 footballers who have played for Atlético, Real Madrid and Barcelona?


Schuster on the stage as Madrid (the Galerna)

One of them is Bernd Schuster. The German came into the season 1980-1981 our league hand FC Barcelona where it remained for 8 seasons. Barca went to Real Madrid where he was 2 campaigns and finally wore T-Shirt Athletic three years.

In total they were 13 campaigns that played in the Spanish League in which accumulated 3 suspenders (1 with Barca and 2 with Real Madrid), 6 Copas del Rey (3 with culés, 1 with meringues and 2 with colchoneros), 3 Supercopas (1 Barcelona and 2 with Real Madrid), 2 League Cups Y 1 Recopa (the latter with Barca).

further, Bernd Schuster He went to Real Madrid as a coach for two seasons (It was dismissed before the end of the second one), adding up a League and European Super Cup his extensive curriculum.


Miquel Soler, a genuine globetrotter of Spanish football (Brand)

The other player able to wear the shirt of the big three was Miquel Soler. The left side was a genuine globetrotter as well as Barcelona, Atletico and Real Madrid He defended the shield RCD Espanyol, Mallorca, Sevilla Y Real Zaragoza. His record is not as broad as Schuster but also won enough titles: 2 Suspenders, 3 Copas del Rey, 1 Recopa, 1 European Super Cup and 2 Supercopa of Spain.

A curious fact also say that, besides being one of only two players to play in Barca, Atletico and Real Madrid, Catalan defense is one of players who have played more games in the history of First Division more than 500 and in his only season in Real Madrid He played a total of 19 matches (if he played 20 automatically renewed) and it was there when he stopped having minutes still remaining much season ahead.

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