Players with more own goals in history

Players with more own goals in history
Baresi, one of the legends of Milan (Doll)

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Not a pleasant situation in the world of football. But nevertheless, sometimes it happens that a player plays the ball into the goal of his team. We look at the players who more Own goals They scored along its carrrera.


England defender developed much of his career Manchester United but so did other clubs like Leeds, Queens Park Rangers West Ham. Their 6 Own goals They make it appear on this list.

Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand in his time as player of Manchester United (the Bocón)


The German side is one of the historical of the Hamburg. Champion with his selection in the European Championship 1980, He was unlucky to score 6 Own goals with his club.

Own goals
Manfred Kaltz, mythical player of Hamburg and the German team (SWR)


One of the most beloved players in the history of the Liverpool. Jamie Carragher he specialized in marking Own goals. A total of 7 Premier League make it appear on this list.

Own goals
Carragher, one of the great defenses of the Anfield club (Liverpool)


We continue with football legends. Franco Baresi it was all for the Milan and selecting Italian. One of the best defenses in the history. But nevertheless, He had a defect and it was none other than the amount of Own goals who he scored in his long career (7).

Franco Baresi
Franco Baresi, one of the great icons of the AC Milan (Doll)

Riccardo Ferri

Ferri It has the dubious honor of being the player who more goals scored in his own goal in the history of the A series Italian. Until 8 Sometimes he did, in fact, own goals scored more than goals.

Riccardo Ferri
Riccardo Ferri with camiseta del Inter de Milan (Press)


We close this list of players with most own goals in history with Richard Dunne. Irish defense teams wore t-shirts Premier as Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa y Queens Park Rangers. Its number of own goals is the highest: 10.

Own goals
Dunne with Manchester City (Bitter and Blue)


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  1. Comparison in absolute values, although it is interesting, not entirely realistic. A player who converts is not the same 10 “Own goals” (or goals against, as we say in Argentina) along the 1000 matches, that the one who does it in 100. It is analogous to the analysis that can be done with the scorers' case: if one says “such player turned 50 goals and such other made 49”, it would seem that the first one is “more effective” that the second. But if the one who converted 50 goals, achieved them in 200 matches, has an average goal of 0,25 (one goal every four games), whereas if the second turned them into 50 matches, is truly more effective, because it practically converts one goal per game.

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