The worst hosts in the history of the World Cups

The worst hosts in the history of the World Cups
Training of South Africa in the World Cup 2010 (The world)

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The World Cup is the biggest soccer event at the national team level. Every four years, the best players and teams meet in a certain country to decide the champion. This article will go the worst hosts ever of the world cup.


The World Cup brings very good memories to the Spanish fans. In 2010, the Spain of Vicente Del Bosque achieved, The Barcelona coffers needed atypical income to finance, lift the World Cup after defeating the Netherlands in the final with the famous goal of Andres Iniesta in overtime. But nevertheless, that edition had, also, another historic landmark. South Africa he became the worst host ever.

The African team, Directed by Brazilian Carlos Alberto Pereira, failed to make it past the group stage. It is true that their rivals in the league were quite complicated: Uruguay, Mexico and France. Uruguayans and Mexicans achieved the classification, yes, the South Africans were able to say goodbye to the World Cup with a historic (it's useless) victory against the French in the last day. South Africa finished in 20th place.


The soccer It wasn't exactly the most popular sport in United States in 1994 (nor at present). Although the North Americans showed their faces, within his possibilities, are one of The worst hosts in the history of the World Cups.

The Americans were framed in a group more or less affordable. His rivals were Colombia, Romania and Switzerland. U.S achieved the classification as the best third after drawing with Switzerland (1-1), beat Colombia (2-1) and fall to the Romanians (1-0). In the round of 16 he was eliminated by Brazil, that would end up being champion. His final position was 14th.

US selection in USA 94
United States training in 1994 (Brand)

SPAIN 1982

Spain faced the World 1982 with a great illusion. The whole country turned to a team that had great footballers like Santillana, Arconada, Juanito, Quini And a long etcetera. But nevertheless, the role of the Spanish was quite discreet, to put it mildly.

The debut against Honduras ended with a disappointing (and blushing) tie to one. Later, Spain beat Yugoslavia with the help of the referee and, as a climax, drew in the last round against Northern Ireland.

This helped him to go to the second phase where he lost against Germany and tied against England. Thus, the Spaniards said goodbye to their World Cup having won only one game of the five they played. His final position was 12th showing a very poor image.

Spain 1982
Spain before a World Cup match 1982 (Brand)

QATAR 2022

The Asian team has the rigorous honor of being the only host that was defeated in its debut. It was in a match against Ecuador in which he showed a very poor level (2-0). Later things did not improve and the Qataris fell to Senegal (1-3) and the Netherlands (0-2). Three losses in three games, one goal for and seven against, what makes you The worst host in the history of the World Cups.

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