The impossible goal’ Johan Cruyff Atletico Madrid

The impossible goal’ Johan Cruyff Atletico Madrid
One of the most famous goals in the career of Johan Cruyff (Photo: abc)

Johan Cruyff It was one of the best players in football history. He stars, How could it be otherwise, numerous articles in our magazine. Throughout his career he authored goals of great beauty but, definitely, one of the best of his career was he scored against Atletico Madrid In the season 1973-1974 we will discuss today.

Was a 22 from December to 1973 at Camp Nou where he FC Barcelona, leader of the competition and went on to win the championship, He received a Atletico Madrid that the second end. The Barça, which at that time he had players like Rexach, Asensi, Sotil, Martial or self Johan Cruyff, He achieved the victory 2-1 against the mattress set in highlighting Reina, Heredia, ovejero, Garate or the great Luis Aragones among others.


The party reached the minute 44 after an attack from the small area it was so unlikely topped by the 'Flying Dutchman’ as he was nicknamed after that goal. Cruyff with his right leg in a complicated position and acute angle surprised at Atletico keeper to make the 1-0. A historic goal which is still remembered today both by some of the protagonists and by the fans who were lucky enough to enjoy it live.

Cruyff's goal
Cruyff's goal seen from another angle (Photo: FC Barcelona)

Atletico goalkeeper has always affirmed that he is convinced that Johan He tried to save the ball and look for a center back but, in any case, he feels honored to have received a goal of that magnitude by one of the greatest players that has given the sport.

The Dutch played 5 seasons as FC Barcelona player, with 173 parties and 59 goals. curiously, only he won the league that season 1973-1974 as Barca player.

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