The unusual debut with the selection Gudjohnsen of Iceland

The unusual debut with the selection Gudjohnsen of Iceland
Gudjohnsen, top scorer in the history of Iceland (Photo: Four Four Two)

Today we will try an unusual case in the history of professional football that features a football player selection Iceland. Specific, We talk about the debut of Gudjohnsen, the best player in the history of this country.

we travel 24 April 1996. By then, front had 17 years old and Iceland coach decided it was time to give input to this young promise. So far so normal, but nevertheless, what makes this debut something unique in history is that Eidur Gudjohnsen He entered replacing Arnor Gudjohnsen, his father.

Father and son melted into a hug and progenitor of Eidur kissed her generational giving to his son. The idea was that the two play together, however he thought it better that this happened in Iceland so that afternoon in Tallinn (Estonia) Gudjohnsen's debut It was in this way so curious.

The desire to bring together father and son on the pitch could not be performed because Arnor (who was then added 34 year old) he suffered a serious injury that made him leave football practice soon after.


From there the race Eidur Gudjohnsen It was very successful. The player became the top scorer in the history of your selection (26 goals in 88 matches) which achieved its first major sporting success with him as captain, qualification for you European Championship 2016 in which he was present with 37 year old.

At club level Gudjohnsen was part of important teams like Chelsea one he FC Barcelona. The latter He won the treble (League, Cup and Champions) in 2008 under the orders of Pep Guardiola. Thus he became the first player from his country to achieve 'the romaine'.


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