Míchel, Stojkovic and that fateful World Cup 1990

Míchel, Stojkovic and that fateful World Cup 1990
Stojkovic scores first goal against Spain. Zubizarreta and Górriz in the image (Who Ate All The Pies)

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Míchel He was one of the great protagonists of that Spanish team that looked forward to the World Italy 1990. The combined, directed by Luis Suárez from the bench, had a base made up of the mythical 'Quinta del Vulture’.

Spain debuted on 13 June 1990 in Udine against Uruguay. The party was very weak (like the vast majority of that championship) and ended with a zero draw. It could have been worse for the Spanish if Ruben Sosa I would not have sent a penalty shot to the clouds with three minutes to go.

Míchel: “I deserve it, I deserve it”

The criticisms were immediate and Míchel was one of the great singles. The 21st’ was accused of pressuring the coach so that Manolo, Atletico Madrid striker, was not a starter and instead played Julio Salinas. Whether it was true or not, the case is that the madridista had his great moment in the next match against South Korea in which he scored the three goals of the victory of Spain (1-3). At one of the celebrations, the ambient sound picked up a phrase from the protagonist of the crash: “I deserve it, I deserve it”.

Míchel I deserve it
Míchel celebrates with anger his goal against Korea (The teles)

The game of Spain He kept improving and defeated in the group's last game a Belgium. A new goal from Míchel penalty and another Górriz certified the 1-2 definitive with which the Spanish took first place. In the eighths expected Yugoslavia.

The appointment took place on 26 June 1990. Spanish and Yugoslavs staged a vibrant and emotional duel. Although Spain was better and had good opportunities in the boots of Butragueño, Martin Vazquez O Julio Salinas, the first goal was Stojkovic. All seemed lost, but a goal by Salinas himself with seven minutes to go forced the overtime.

Spain Italy 90
Starting formation of Spain against Yugoslavia. Above, from left to right: Chendo, Zubizarreta, Míchel, Roberto, Górriz and Andrinúa. Down, from left to right: Villarrolla, Butragueño, Julio Salinas, Sanchis and Martin Vazquez (The Spanish)

Stojkovic hits Spain

It was then again Stojkovic (and also Míchel) they became, again, in protagonists. A distant foul was masterfully thrown by '10’ Yugoslav originating the 2-1 definitive. A player in the Spanish barrier crouched down and encouraged the stretching of Zubizarreta was useless. Indeed, Míchel. Spain was eliminated and was packing for home.

The luck in that World Cup would be elusive to Yugoslavia in the quarterfinals. The Balkans were eliminated by Argentina in the penalty shootout. Stojkovic, executioner from Spain, missed one of the pitches, like Hadzibegic. Argentine, they reached the final, they would lose to Germany thanks to a penalty (non-existent) annotated by Andreas Brehme. Definitely, one of the worst World Cups in history.

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  1. That World Cup had a name before it started, Germany. It was destined to captain the EU and what better way to reunify it completely than to win a World Cup?

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