“No way I'll wear Betis like a bowl”

“No way I'll wear Betis like a bowl”
One of the formations that season Real Betis 1993-1994 where he won promotion to the First Division (manquepierda)

Rivalry Real Betis Y Sevilla It is very large and does not come now. As we had recently, there was a day when the whole bético had to wear white shirt. This could be repeated in her season 1993-1994 but Manuel Ruiz de Lopera, flatly he refused.

The incident occurred one 27 February 1994. came the Real Betis a Toledo to face the Leaping Horse the home team that season occupying high positions in the classification and He came close to winning promotion to First Division. The match was declared high risk because during the week the two leaders, Emiliano Carballo Y Lopera, They were evenly with some crossing of statements and expected the presence of some 1.000 béticos fans in the stands.

If it is missing little spicy this meeting, The referee it should arbitrate it realized upon arrival that the baggage of both teams seemed too. The Toledo, home computer, should dress in green shirt and white pants. Meanwhile, the Real Betis he went with his verdiblanca shirt and black pants. It was not enough.


To top, the Andalusian club did not have another shirt so the Toledo, very kindly, He offered his second kit. So far everything right, However, there was a problem: It was completely white.

This is when the figure of Manuel Ruiz de Lopera He gained prominence: “No way I'm going to dress the basin Betis” (mote with which the diabetics know the Sevilla fans). Not content with that, he continued: “Betis has more seniority, they white dress and we will play with our T lifelong”.

Finally the Government Delegate had to mediate so that the matter will not go higher because this fact was not helping anything tempers calmed down in the stands. Reluctantly, Emiliano Carballo He relented and CD Toledo He played with his white shirt and Real Betis with his verdiblanca.

The game ended with home win 2-0 (goals Dani Y Paniagua) which together with the hotbed of the situation that existed before the meeting he took made sparks in the box seat where the president of Toledo, fed up with the attitude of Lopera, it came to expel. CEO of Real Betis He declared after Carballo was a president of Third Division.

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