The match between Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona, the 8 from January

The match between Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona, the 8 from January

yes, The main game after the break in the national teams and after the return of the Spanish championship to the game will be Atlético, who will receive Barcelona, directed by Xavi, in his stadium, this match can play a very important role in the decisive fight for the championship. further, if one of the readers is confident in your abilities, you can bet not only on this match, but in general in any type of sports bets that they offer.

Defeat and dismissal for Simeone or not??

Many say that this match could be the end point in Diego Simeone's work as Atlético's coach, many believe it is time to end his ten-year tenure at the club, because the descent of a very easy group in the Champions League, certain fluctuations in the Spanish championship itself, and no brilliant party, These are the signs that make many think if the time has come to end Diego's story here.. The match against Barcelona was also raised, ​​so many wonder if it will really be Simeone's last game here. But nevertheless, most likely not, even despite all the failures, will continue to command the club in a 99%, because it has a very large trust credit. But nevertheless, many say that it is still worth coming up with at least something interesting in order to surprise the opponent, whether it succeeds, We will see it in the central match of the day on 8 from January.

Will Xavi Hernández continue to show high-level football?

Many hope and believe that Barcelona is the undisputed favorite of the match, and that they are the ones who will win. The team is in very good shape, continues to compete in a wild battle with Real Madrid for the championship, player morale is high, the game is also adjusted, so they can try to keep winning. Even though, Of course, Xavi will have to come up with something a bit to add flavor to his already pretty good mechanism..

Lewandowski can also become an important factor in this game., because he is the main star of both teams, because Barcelona, unlike the mattresses, He has a star striker, but unfortunately Atlético cannot boast of such a superstar and scorer, because it is quite difficult to call Álvaro Morata a super scorer in the Spanish championship, that is why the factor of a skillful striker and a good preparation game can become the main idea of ​​this match.

But nevertheless, We must not forget about the tactics either, which can also play a very important role in the game. Even though, if teams are going to use their standard formations and familiar to them, the advantage here will be precisely on the side of Xavi's players, in this case it can be assumed that Barcelona has a good chance of taking the three points in their pocket.


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