Paul Breitner, one of the best german players ever

Paul Breitner, one of the best german players ever
Paul Breitner in his time as a Real Madrid player. PHOTO:

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Paul Breitner He is a German former soccer player and coach born on 5 September 1951 in Kolbermoor, Germany. He is known for his career as a soccer player in clubs like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid., and also for having represented the German team in three World Cups with which they were proclaimed champion in 1974. It is undoubtedly one of the best German footballers in history.

Paul Breitner, one of the best soccer players that Germany has produced

Breitner began his professional career at the Bayern Munich in 1970 and quickly became one of the most prominent players in the Bundesliga, winning five league titles and three German Cups with the club. He was also successful in the extinct European Cup, reaching the semifinals three times and winning the competition in 1974 after that final against Atlético de Madrid.

That year he went to Real Madrid and returned in 1978 to play in a second stage in the Bavarian club that was going to last until 1983. In between, in 1977 he played Brunswick T. S. V. Eintracht where he played in the team that wore the first advertisement for the jersey.

In his international career, Paul Breitner represented Germany in three World Cups: 1974, 1978 Y 1982. He was one of the main players of the German team in the years 70 Y 80 and helped his country win the World Cup in 1974 and to be second in 1982. He also played two European Championships with Germany, in 1972 Y 1976.

Paul Breitner World Cup 74
Paul Breitner with the World Cup champion title 74. PHOTO:

Breitner's time at Real Madrid

Paul Breitner had a brief but successful career at Real Madrid. The German joined the club in 1974 and was there until 1977. During his time at Real Madrid, he became one of the team's leaders and one of the most outstanding players in the Spanish League.

In his first season as a Real Madrid player, Breitner helped the team win the Spanish League and reach the final of the Copa del Rey, although they lost to Barcelona. In his second season, the German footballer and Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey again, this time defeating Sporting de Gijón in the final. further, the team reached the semifinals of the UEFA Cup, although he was eliminated by Aberdeen. In the third, won the league title again.

Total, Breitner disputed 100 official matches with Real Madrid and marked 10 goals. His contribution to the team was highly valued and he left a mark during his short but successful time at the club..

A rebel on and off the pitch

Paul Breitner He has been a controversial character during his career as a footballer and coach. He was an open defender of communism and very critical of the capitalist system.. This has earned him many detractors and was criticized and ridiculed in some media.. In his stage in Madrid above all and it is that he lived it between the end of the dictatorship and the beginning of the so-called 'Transition'. came to donate 500.000 pesetas to some workers on strike.

The German shaved his beard in 1981, just before contesting Spain World Cup 1982 with the German team. This decision was highly controversial at the time as it is said to have been due to a business deal with a brand of razors.. Some criticized the decision, saying that he was giving in to the pressure of society and giving up his personality..

Paul Breitner in Spain 82
Paul Breitner in an image in Spain 82. PHOTO:





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