5 historical errors that marked the Spanish National Soccer Team

5 historical errors that marked the Spanish National Soccer Team
Zubi laments his own goal against Nigeria in France 1998 (Information)

The Spanish Soccer Team got between 2008 Y 2012 two Euro Cups and a World Cup. It was the most successful moment, but nevertheless, before this, there were a series of historical errors that marked the future of a country that seemed to be sick in big events. We review some of them.

The (no) Cardeñosa's goal

In World Argentina 1978, Spain faced Brazil in the second match of the championship. The Spanish had fallen in the first match against Austria, meanwhile, the Brazilians came to draw against Sweden. In the minute 75, Cardeñosa had the great opportunity to score and give victory to his team. In front of a practically unguarded goal and with everything in their favor, he sent the ball gently to the legs of the only defender who was in the center of the Brazilian frame.

Even though Spain won the last clash against Sweden (1-0) was eliminated. Victory against Brazil it would have been enough to pass the round.

Cardeño historical errors
Moment in which Cardeñosa fails a very clear goal against Brazil (442)

Arconada's ruling

If it is unfair to remember Cardeñosa's career, one of the best footballers in the history of Real Betis, for that mistake against Brazil, it is even more so in the case of Arconada. Basque is one of the best Spanish goalkeepers of all times, but nevertheless, his mistake in the final of the Eurocup against France was key for the Spanish to be defeated by Platini's France.

Spain reached that final thanks, largely, a Arconada, but that failure after a free kick by the French star will always be remembered.

Arconada's ruling
Platini's ball slips under Arconada's body (Eurosport)

Julio Salinas against Italy

If there was a World Cup in which Spain was very close to doing something great, it was United States in 1994. The Spanish faced Italy in the quarterfinals and, certainly, they were not inferior, much less. But nevertheless, a move marked the evolution of that edition.

In the final stretch of the match, Julio Salinas he was left alone before Pagliuca, Italian goalkeeper, and made one of the historical mistakes that have haunted the footballer for many years. Shortly after, on a similar move, Roberto Baggio he did hit Zubizarreta and in this way Italy qualified for the semifinals.

Julio Salinas Italy
Julio Salinas had in his boots the pass from Spain to the semifinals (Public)

Zubizarreta against Nigeria

The France World Cup 1998 it was a failure for Spain. The team fell dramatically in the group stage and a move will be remembered forever by fans. In the opening match against Nigeria, Zubizarreta, Spanish goalkeeper, a center was introduced into his own goal with no apparent danger from a rival.

Defeat against the Africans (3-2) could no longer get up. Draw in the second match against Paraguay (0-0) and useless victory against Bulgaria (6-1). New failure for a team that did not raise its head.

Zubizarreta against Nigeria
Zubizarreta and Sergi lament the goal conceded against Nigeria (Information)

Raúl's penalty against France

The quarter curse haunted Spain for many years. In the European Championship 2000, ‘The Red’ managed to classify himself miraculously thanks to a goal ‘in extremis’ of Alfonso against Yugoslavia in the last match of the group stage.

France was the rival in the quarterfinals. The Gauls eliminated the Spanish thanks, especially, to a penalty missed by Raúl González. Selection Zidane she would end up proclaiming herself champion of that edition.

historical errors
The penalty missed by Raúl against France in the Eurocopa de 2000, Another of the historical errors that caused Spain to pack (The Journal)

Luckily for the Spanish fans, luck began to change from 2008 and Spain reaped very important triumphs from the hand of Luis Aragones first and Vicente del Bosque after.

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