Alfonso's goal against Yugoslavia at Euro 2000

Alfonso's goal against Yugoslavia at Euro 2000
Alfonso remantando volley ball that would become the 4-3 final against Yugoslavia (Photo: brand)

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Some young men caught us and the truth is that we remember like it was yesterday. Spain, I had traveled to Euro 2000 It is held in Belgium and the Netherlands, It was removed the minute 95 game against Yugoslavia. It was the last match of the group stage and failure, if the party had so, was Uppercase. That was when he arrived the goal of Alfonso.

The ball reached Guardiola that was a mix-up in midfield and launched a desperate pitch to the opponent's area. There, Urzáiz It was left to face head who would become the star of the game, Alfonso, who bore his left leg and his white boot He scored one of the goals that have shouted louder Spanish fans.

The Spanish combined, directed by José Antonio Camacho, He went from being outside the Euro the first exchange, end in the first position of its group.

The match was of those who make love. The powerful Yugoslavia with Mijatovic, Milosevic, Djukic, Jugovic, Stankovic... He had the match won with 3-2 for at discount. But nevertheless, a penalty scored by Mendieta and the already mentioned Alfonso goal at 95 They made the Spaniards would get involved in quarters as group leaders and the Yugoslavs had to settle for second place.

THE CURSE OF quarterfinal

both teams, despite the suffering of that day, They fell in the quarterfinals. Spaniards against France, who had won his world in the 98 and also it would become champion of the European Championship in 2000. Meanwhile, Yugoslavia would fall precipitously against Holland, one of the host, by a strong 6-1.

Anyway, no one will take us lived joy that 21 June 2000 when Alfonso He volleyed that ball into the network.

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