Borussia Monchengladbach, dominator of German football in the years 70

Borussia Monchengladbach, dominator of German football in the years 70
Allan Simonsen y Jupp Heynckes, Borussia Monchengladbach star (

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The decade of the 70 It was the Golden Age of the Borussia Monchengladbach. colts They staged a thrilling duel the legendary Bayern Munich, which also he brought together historical players like Beckenbauer, O Müller Sepp Maier.

During those years, the Borussia Monchengladbach He was able to win, no more no less, what 5 League championships, the only ones who have under his belt so far, in 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976 Y 1977. Besides that, He won two UEFA Cups (1975 Y 1979) and he reached the final of the European Cup 1977 in which he was defeated by 3-1 against Liverpool.

The great architect of the success was the Gladbach coach Udo Lattek, one of the most prestigious and laureates of German football coaches who also coached Bayern Munich or FC Barcelona. Of course, that team had some of the best German players of the time. One of them was Gunter Netzer, born precisely in the city.

But besides Netzer, great figures as Jupp Heynckes, Berti Vogts, Allan Simonsen, Rainer Bonhof o Uli Stielike They were part of the first team in that golden age. The merit of that was twice as Borussia, as we say, I had to deal with one of the best teams in history as was the FC Bayern. Not in vain, the whole of Munich was able to win 3 European Cups consecutively at that time.

Borussia Bayern
Jupp Heynckes y Franz Beckenbauer, Borussia masters and respectively Bayern (Bundesliga)

Allan Simonsen GOLDEN BALL 1977

But not only titles were achieved collectively. Danish Allan Simonsen, one of the great stars of the Borussia Monchengladbach, He was awarded the Golden Ball Year 1977. Thus, the end often dexterous, He passed to the history of the club as the first and only player to get this award (Netzer was third in the year 1972 behind Beckenbauer and Muller precisely).

Golden Ball 1977
The Dane Allan Simonsen receives the Ballon d'Or 1977 (Football Memories)

The team was able to maintain the level even though every year some of their best players leaving the club were heading for other large European. Gunter Netzer He was transferred to Real Madrid As to the Uli Stielike. Own Simonsen He signed with FC Barcelona And so, a long etcetera. Their casualties were filled by new young, one of them was a certain Lothar Matthaus.


But nevertheless, that historic team ran out the great title which would have been the perfect finale to a prodigious decade. The German team did not get the European Cup even though, as we have discussed, He came close on several occasions.

In addition to losing the final of 1977 against Liverpool (he also won another UEFA Cup final in 1973) He had a good opportunity this season 1971-1972. In the second round, Gladbach in Germany received a great team like Inter de Milan with Sandro Mazzola, among others, in the team. The end result says it all. The Germans won by an overwhelming 7-1.

But nevertheless, extradeportivo made one fact that local competition remain felled in an edition that were clear favorites. Some objects fell from the stands and at a time when the party a bottle of beer hit the interista Roberto Boninsegna. The second leg was played with Inter for victory 4-2 and UEFA decided that the leg had to be repeated. Italians with an ultra-defensive approach achieved a 0-0 that left out the Borussia Monchengladbach who he never won the coveted orejona.

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