Harry Lowe, the oldest player in the history of Spanish Liga

Harry Lowe, the oldest player in the history of Spanish Liga
One of the formations of the Royal Society trained by Harry Lowe (Diario Vasco)

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Horace Harold Lowe He was a coach of the Spanish League in the years 30. When the Spanish championship was still tender (He had begun in 1928) the English landed in San Sebastián coach to take over the Real society to which he trained for 5 seasons. He then moved to the RCD Espanyol but the Civil War caused the British to return to their land. I never imagine that would become the oldest player in the history of Laliga years later.

Harry Lowe football player and coach

Gone were his years of soccer player in England as the teams Brighton, Tottenham O Fulham. But nevertheless, still have the chance to play and not only that, but to get a record in the Spanish League.

Harry Lowe, as he was known popularly, He had a good first season as coach to the front of the set in San Sebastian ended as third-placed. But nevertheless, gradually the team was down performance to suffer the first decline of the club in his final season as coach of the Basque team this season 1934-1935. Precisely, txuri coach that season urdin make history but a very different fact.

A 24 March 1935 the Real society (by then Donostia) He visited the stadium Mestalla to face Valencia. One of the 11 players must defend the jersey of the visitors set so sick Harry Lowe He decided that rather than play with 10 players he would be part of the team on the pitch. By then, the technician I had 48 years so he became the oldest player in the history of Spanish Liga, a record that logically still in force today and will hardly ever exceeded.

Unfortunately for him, the experiment did not go well and the whole 'che’ He crushed by a blunt donostiarras 7-1. Valencia CF that campaign ended in a ninth discrete position (by then First Division had 12 teams) and they descended to the Second Real Sociedad Lowe and the Arenas de Getxo.

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