When Real Sociedad and Athletic Club dominated Spanish football

When Real Sociedad and Athletic Club dominated Spanish football
Image of a match between Real Sociedad and Athletic de Bilbao in Los 80 in old Atocha. PHOTO: Diario Vasco

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Today we are quite used to a league 'bipolar’ which usually take the FC Barcelona one he Real Madrid. In fact, in so far XXI century, only Valencia, Atletico Madrid Y Deportivo La Coruna They have been able to break this binomial. But nevertheless, There was a time in which Real Sociedad and Athletic Club dominated Spanish football.

The two leagues of the Royal Society

It was in the early years of the decade of the 80. The Real society he assembled a dream team with great players of the house mostly formed a group that considered the best in the history of txuri set urdin. already the bell 1979-1980 donostiarras stood at the gates to take their first league but struggle with Real Madrid He favored the Whites emerged victorious. The title was decided on the final day in which the meringues won in the Bernabéu precisely the Athletic Club realistic rendering useless victory Atocha against him Atletico Madrid.

Real Sociedad champions 81-82
One of the usual formations of the Royal Society that managed to be champions in 1981-1982 (Photo: Real society)

But nevertheless, it became clear that that team would do great things as it were. The Real society He scored his first league the following season with a tie to two goals in the last day in El Molinon against him Sporting Gijon. The visitors trailed by 2-1 in the minute 89 after goals from Mesa for local and the Kontabarría which it was insufficient. It was then that Zamora It was history making the tie to give the first title to donostiarras.

But it did not stay there because the Arconada, Perico Alonso, Satrústegui, Idígoras, Górriz, López Ufarte and company would achieve a second league in 1981-1982. further, this time it was in Atocha, to his audience and against Athletic Club de Bilbao. Again Zamora Y López Ufarte They were the authors of the goals for a win 2-1 (Sarabia He scored for the locals).


After the two suspenders Real society, he touched the Athletic continue with the Basque domain of competition. Javier Clemente He had taken command of the team a year ago and formed a very rocky but nothing template-free quality players like Zubizarreta, Liceranzu, Goikoetxea, Dani O Sarabia.

The Athletic He reached the final round of the League 1982-1983 without relying on himself. To be a champion must win the Insular of Las Palmas and wait for a defeat Real Madrid in Mestalla against a Valencia that permanence was played in First Division. Carambola occurred and Clement defeated by 1-5 and they took advantage of Tendillo goal which gave victory to the valencianistas.

One year later, Lions feat repeated winning the league 1983-1984. This time, whims of fate, Real Sociedad and Athletic They return to face in the last day with the League at stake but this time for the rojiblancos. The score was again of 2-1 but this time for those San Mames (both goals scored by Liceranzu) Y a new title was held in Bilbao.

Athletic Club Champion League 1983-1984
Two goals from Liceranzu in San Mames, They gave Athletic Club League against Real Sociedad (Photo: Sports world)


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