Why the Levante Stadium missing a piece in one of its steps?

Why the Levante Stadium missing a piece in one of its steps?
In the old photograph the new stadium surrounded by fields Levante observed. Among them, which he did not allow the supporters could be built completely (Levante UD)

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The Levante Stadium It was inaugurated 9 September 1969 in a friendly match that played the whole granota (at that time in Third Division) and the Valencia CF which he ended with victory visitor 0-3. His first name was Antonio Román, name of club president at the time but later, specifically in 1972, It was renamed new Stadium and from 1999 Valencia.

Currently it has an enviable appearance after several reforms have been undertaken in recent years and has little to do with what looked decades ago. At the time, was the envy of Spain even more considering that had a capacity 30.000 viewers and it was for a team that militated in Third Division.


Initially abandonment Vallejo, former home of Levante, Located in the heart of the city, to move to new Stadium It was traumatic. At present the area where the stadium is located boasts enviable access and a shopping center next door but has nothing to do with those years 70, 80 or even 90 where you go to watch the team's games became a real odyssey, even if it had rained.

There have been many experiences that granotas fans have felt at this stage. ascents, descents and even a contest qualifying for European competition. further, the Spanish team has played two games in the feud granota. The first in 2004 to face Scotland in a match that was suspended by the flood fallen in the second half and another against Macedonia more recently.

Valencia, Levante stadium
It looks like the Ciutat de Valencia stadium today (Levante UD)


But nevertheless, when you look for the first time Valencia It realizes a peculiarity that makes it unique. A tier one of its funds, namely that of Orriols, missing a piece. The reason for this' bite’ is none other than a dispute with the owner of one of the fields surrounding the stadium at the time of its construction. I must say that at that time the area was surrounded by orchard.

There are two versions of the matter. The first is that the owner did not want to sell his land because he was fond of Valencia Y He had no special sympathy for Levante, Rather the complete opposite. The second, I did want to sell but the entire field and not just part, as he wanted the club granota. In any case the solution was drastic. The stadium would be built and that part of the stands would be without a little known piece in Valencia as' the Troç of fotut’ (the piece of fucking).


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3 thoughts on “Why the Levante Stadium missing a piece in one of its steps?

  1. Choto alludes, with a certain derogatory tone, to the goats and their young that grazed on the lands that today occupy the Mestalla. With the same intention of disqualifying, the Valencianists allude to the Levantinists as granotas, frogs in Valencian, because there were in the Vallejo stadium, in the bed of the Turia, where Levante played its first matches

  2. The fame of granota comes from the countryside in the old bed of the Turia, right in front of Viveros,dobde there are still vestiges of that field that a flood took it whole. Crash and announced failure given the location of the same.
    In Vallejo they were never heard of “granotas”,since it was next to the Feve station or “trenet”,something far from the riverbed.

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