The Asturian derby, one of the most intense of Spanish football

The Asturian derby, one of the most intense of Spanish football
Real Sporting captains and Real Oviedo in the Asturian derby of the year 80 (Pinterest)

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The world of football is full of interesting derbies. One of them is the Asturian derby, one of the most exciting of the Spanish League for the tremendous rivalry between two cities: Oviedo and Gijón.

although the Real Sporting It is older than Real Oviedo (They were founded in 1905 Y 1926 respectively) both teams have agreed over 80 Sometimes both First and Second Division. The rivalry between the two entities and interests goes beyond mere sport as it reaches to the social. On the one hand, Oviedo is the capital, but Gijón is the most populous city and the 'pique’ among the inhabitants of both it is great.


The first Asturian derby history of the League was played in the historic season 1928-1929 which began in the Spanish championship. At that time both teams militated in Second Division. In the first leg, playing a 24 February 1929 in Oviedo, Local they defeated by a resounding 6-2. Meanwhile, on lap in Gijon, Atletico He defeated by a score of 3-2.

We had to wait many years to see a Asturian derby First Division. It was in the campaign 1944-1945. Again, field factor was decisive in deciding the winners. Oviedo won the team carbayón 2-1 (goals mythical Herrerita Y Echevarría for local and Liz for visitors). Gijon, Sporting won a historic victory 6-0 with three goals Pío, Molinucu, Cervigón and Tamayo.

It is curious that, although the Real Sporting It has reached more successful overall than Real Oviedo (He was runner-League season 1978-1979, Cup finalist twice in the 1980-1981 Y 1981-1982 and disputed 6 times UEFA Cup) as regards direct clashes between the two teams is set carbayón which has achieved better results.

In the 106 times that have been measured both entities, the Real Oviedo (also he played in the UEFA Cup this season 1991-1992) Has got 45 victorias, 27 They have ended in a draw and 34 wins have been for Real Sporting (data until the season 2018-2019).


Throughout history the relationship between the two clubs has been quite tight but there have been moments of warmth and closeness. An example of what we discussed is the initiative that came to raise around the year 2000 when both Real Oviedo as Real Sporting were going through a very delicate situation both sporting and economic level. Then they arose some voices betting on the merger of both teams would receive only one name Real Asturias.

This idea had supporters but also many detractors. The main enemies of the idea were fans of either team. Other important figures like himself Quini (born in Oviedo but myth and legend Real Sporting) I affirm that: “the rivalry is very good for Asturias”. Even it came to speculate on the possible construction of a new stadium halfway between Oviedo and Gijón but eventually the idea did not work.


Along the history, both teams have had important players in their ranks. As regards the duel pichichis Y zamoras who have been so Real Sporting as Real Oviedo, the balance is in favor of the rojiblancos by 6 a 4.

In point of Primera Liga top scorers, Gijon have achieved the 3 (all of Quini). Meanwhile, carbayones got 4 (3 of LANG and one of Marianín). Meanwhile, gijoneses got 3 Zamora awards thanks to the great Juan Carlos Ablanedo while oviedistas have never had the goalkeeping thrashed First Division.


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